By Sean - 03/03/2012 07:33 - Canada

Today, while my plane took off, I was forced to sit and watch as somebody rear-ended my car in the parking lot. FML
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You can't sue if you don't make it on time for your plane and OP never said (s)he missed his/her plane Read. More. Carefully.

Hahahaha!! Good one...sue for missing the plane! Wait, you weren't joking, were you? Asshat.

I'm pretty sure it's "I second that notion"

WTF are you talking about you dumb ass!! He was on the plane while he saw "From the Plane" a person hit his car in the airport parking lot! learn to read idiot

I think number 2 knws OP didnt miss her plane.. What he probaby means is, lie and sue for missing the plane, even though OP didnt... But maybe number 2s just dumb :L dunno?

No 33, one can second either a motion or a notion. In this case it is a motion.

#2 Can't read, or maybe he's just trolling us all.

At least you're safe and in the plane ... assuming it didn't crash or anything

And it's not like you could call the insurance company RIGHT when you saw it. Or anybody till the plane landed

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I don't know about where you live, but here some people choose to take a plane to get to work. It's only a 30 minute flight to Seattle where driving would take close to three hours. There is a possibility that their car was only going to be there for the day.

Well that wouldn't make any sense at all...

Where im from, rush hour sucks ass, theres no trains, and there isn't an airport for miles. And most jobs are at least 4-5 miles away :/

Anyone who lives in Portland and works in Seattle is insane. Get a job in Portland or Vancouver, or move your ass up to the Puget Sound region. Besides, anyone who can afford the flight every day can afford to move. No, a much more LIKELY reason why the OP left their car at the airport is that they didn't have someone else to give them a ride. Major airports all have long term parking for people who drive themselves to the airport.

Ummm some people drive themselves to the airport, park their cars, get on a plane, go where they need to and stay for as long as they want, get back on a plane, land, find their car, pay for parking it there and drive themselves home...not sure what's so hard to understand about that? Not everyone has someone to drop them off. And, nowhere in this FML does it say OP was going to work. I fly all the time to visit family in diffrent states. Sometimes i drive myself to the airport,leave my car and sometimes someone drops me off and picks me up. Does that clarify things for you?

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Another headache when your trying to get away from the headaches

But is op really on a holiday? Hmmm i dont recall reading that part

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in some places, the word holiday means vacation.

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Then you had to wait the whole flight to post this on FML that's a double fyl. Hopefully you were going on vacation.

You must have some super powered eyesight to see something that specific while the plane is taking off that fast

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You're very literal, aren't you?

I was thinking the same same thing. Unless your car is bright green or some other color that stands out really well, or the airport is really small the. How the hell are you gonna be able to see your car from the plane?

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Yeah and I thought that all the parking for airports were in a parking garage..

remember what that car was/take a picture