WTF just happened?

By Carnage23 - 22/11/2014 10:16 - Germany - Essen

Today, my coworker and I announced that we are spending our holidays together, because we both have kids. My boss then announced that he's coming with us. FML
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since you announced it, I'm coming along too.

I'll bring nothing and say I forget to bring something and just mooch of the food everyone else brings.

CliffyB03 28

I'm coming too and bringing something I found off Pinterest that seemed like a good idea but it's not and now I'm just trying to get rid of it!

Fml party. Wonder how many incidents at the party get posted!

Alrighty then. Looks like everything is covered. So I'll just bring sexy back.

Hmm, I'll bring the camera and record the best party in HISTORY!!

asnakelovinbabe 16

I'll bring some snakes! Gentlemen snakes, wearing top hats and tiny monocles.

I'll bring esoteric music that only I will enjoy!

asnakelovinbabe 16

Well aren't you just the most special little snowflake.

Ah.. What else is there to bring? I'll bring the pancakes, everyone loves pancakes right? *prays and hopes no one else brought pancakes*

This party CAN'T be BYOB! I'll bring the kegs!!

seemo82 19

am bringing myself... a lot of meeeeeee :p

I'll bring the movies to play in the background of all the pictures that are taken. They can also be used as a time tool for the police when they try to identify what happened after we all die from an axe in the head.

This is gonna be legen..... (...wait for it, wait for it, I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the 2nd part is...) ....DARY! (Sorry I just got finished watching How I Met Your Mother xD)

I'll bring the napkins, because I'm a cheap bastard

officially favoriting this for future laughs. Thank you all for making this possible.. except you #59...

Jennifer aniston is now a crack ***** psycho that gives herself promotions while stripping down? I'd definitely watch that.

colton_colton 49

Maybe tell him the wrong date and time?

PresidentNorth 16

Can you change the date for Christmas like that to?

I'm sure you have to get your leave signed off by your boss though don't you?

dyehardxen 19

It would have to be place seeing as how their boss already knows the times because he had to approve it..

Dodge4x4Ram 46

You gotta bite the bullet on this one

PSYqualiac 17

More like the boss might be biting the bullet for this one...

Christmas is often sad and lonely for some people. Make the best of it by knowing someone won't be alone on such a special day.

When someone invites themselves to your vacation, even knowing that it might make things awkward (as he should know, he's their boss), the op doesn't actually have to be okay with it?? If someone told me that they're inviting themselves to a vacation with me and my family I'd definitely be creeped out and tell them no.

It said spending their holidays together not going on holiday together, so with it being November and the Christmas season, I assumed that they meant The Holidays and not a trip.

That's still creepy. People should learn not to invite themselves to hang out with people that would be obviously awkward about it. Most people wouldn't want to spend the holidays with their boss. Most people actually use the holidays to get away from work and spend time with family and friends. Most people don't like when other people invite themselves into their social lives. It's common decency.

Common guys and gals, we should all go. I'll bring the candy cane hot chocolate.

Only common guys and gals? So unfair on everyone else!!

Shucks. I guess we can invite the op also.

You'd probably get less down votes of you don't ask for them. Everyone here loves being a grammar nazi.

Well, since you mentioned it, I might as well say it. if*

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Also, it's "fewer votes", not "less votes".

Hahaha. I didn't actually realize that. Oh well. Life goes on. Gotta love irony. And yes, hooprug is right whoever down voted him. Unlike the autocorrect/spelling mistake, fewer/less is actually a grammar mistake.

Lol apparently they added my grammar correction to the FML, so my comment above doesn't really make sense anymore. The feeling of accomplishment is worth it, though.

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I am in misery, there ain't nobody who can comfort me. Why won't you answer me? The silence is slowly killing me!