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Today, I was working the cash register. While helping a customer with her groceries, my bra snapped. I then had to ask my male boss if I could staple it back together. Thirty minutes later it snapped again. I then had to explain to my boss that I was too broke to buy a new one. FML
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I feel your pain, OP. Two days ago, my strapless bra decided it wanted to unsnap during my first day of college classes, in the middle of the lecture. It was terrible.

So you type "wow" to be first, then edit your comment to try and get thumbs up. Wow, talk about desperate needs leading to desperate measures.

I'm genuinely curious: does this happen to bras that are the proper size? Cuz when I'm at Walmart, I sometimes see obese monsters who are obviously wearing bras too small for them; it's easy for me to imagine those bras snapping them running off to puke and kill themselves.

25 - why go to the zoo and pay money when you can visit Walmart for free?

25 - yes, it can happen. I've had it happen once with a bra I had bought the week before - apparently it wasn't properly stitched where it closes (i got a refund). I've also heard it can happen to older bras, and judging by OP's financial situation I guess the latter might be the case here.

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25- It can happen with any bra, but it's more common with improperly fit or worn out ones. Most women don't realize their bras aren't the right size for them. OP- I don't believe you can't afford a bra. You have a job (even if it's a low-pay). Wal-Mart sells bras for around $10. Sports bras cost even less (like 3 for $14). Sacrifice a little and pick one up. It won't be pretty or fancy, but it'll hold your boobs in.

Some people don't have an extra $10 lying around when they have to pay for rent, utilities and food. When all your money goes into those three things it's hard to find a place to skim money from.

Yeah even with a low income job she should still afford a $10 bra. She probably didn't live within her means for too long and is over whelmed by possibly debt or over due bills and such. Hell does she not have any friends that have bras they no longer need? Even value village sells bra (yeah it's gross but who cares you need a bra... without staples...)

Sometimes, you just don't have enough money to scrape together for anything other than rent, gas, and food. Sometimes you have to drop one of those things off the list too, and it's usually food. You clearly have never lived paycheck to paycheck. I completely believe she can't afford one. Take it from someone who has been there.

I have never even seen a $10 dollar bra even at wal-mart and I know because I was trying to find a cheap one. the lowest they have is about $15.00. how long has it been since you bought a bra?

Sales at Walmart or target. Get one for as low as 3 bucks

Well if I needed a pair of underwear and the lowest was 15 dollars and I was living pay check to pay check I would cut out some food. You can live weeks without food and I've survived days without food anyways. Anyone can, but the real question is, do they have the motivation to do it. Well in a situation like that, they sure as hell should.

Go to Winners! Or TJ Maxx, or Ross. They'll definitely have bras that are about $5-8, and not bad ones either.

I can tell by reading this who has truly been broke and who hasn't. FYL OP, and it might be prudent to purchase sports bras in the future.

I agree, I have a very comfortable bra I got for $8 at JC Penney. I typically pay more than that for a single article of clothing. You can find comfortable and reasonably priced bras in stores, you just have to look. Ross and Marshall's are great places to shop for someone on a very limited budget

It is possible, it has happened to people at the weirdest of times. I had an aged bra that was a little worn snap on me while I was at school. It snapped in the front ... which was weird, but it was because I grew out of the bra, and it couldn't hold my new cup size ... it does get weird but it does happen

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3 - I hope next time you won't be such a dick-bag

Dick-bag? Isn't that a condom? Nevermind, I'm looking too deep into this. Stop being an asscricket, 3!

Dick-bag, could be anything you put your dick in. Condom, or a ******... or... hmmm.. STOP IT BRAIN!!!!

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Had he stated his point correctly, I would agree with 3. Why on Earth would her boss buy her a new bra?

I'm pretty sure buying underwear for employee's violates some harassment policy the store has.

Or she could just go braless... She'd probably be better off going without one than wearing the same crap quality one every day.

This is so sad. When a woman is so broke she has to think twice about buying a bra, you know the economy is ******!

Really? Because one woman is too broke, the whole economy is to blame?

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The economy was ****** well before Obama was elected. Moron.

I agree with ERich, I had no problem finding a job in this supposed bad economy. I think OP has a crap paying job that the CEO is probably making millions off of her bra-less back.

Shouldn't you have enough money to buy a new bra after finishing your shift?

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You don't get paid immediately after you work. Where I work you have to work two weeks before you even get paid, and then you get paid every Friday.

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Unless your a waitress who gets to keep her tips you won't get paid immediately after your shift. You have to for the pay period to be over and then wait for your pay check.

And where I live you usually get paid once a month, some twice a month.. :|

I know she's broke but most women own more than one bra at a time. They usually have like 3 to 4 just depends.

My thoughts exactly. I don't have a lot of money either but I have at least 4 (fitting) bras.

Each paycheck dedicate some money toward a new bra until you can afford one.

Go bra-less until then. Sales will double, and your boss might give you a promotion so you can finally afford that bra. Sales will go down, you will get demoted, your bra will snap again, and so the cycle continues...

Learn how to sew? I know that it is a lost art for young women these days.

Soooo hard to make a bra. You ever tried it?

Might be able to repair the one she has until she can buy a new one though... Sewing is becoming such a rare skill :(

Amen! My sewing isn't perfect, but my grandmother made sure I learned how to do basic repairs, & I always keep one of those little travel sewing kits with me. My boss popped a button off his dress shirt at work, & he and all my co workers were staring at me like I was friggin Houdini while I fixed it for him. ( he put on a tee shirt he had in his office)

Also, though in the past it was seen as women's work, I think all kids should be taught basic sewing repairs. It's not just clothes. What would you do if you're on a week long camping trip & your tent pops a seam?

If you know how to sew, you also know the basics of stitching up a wound in case of an extreme emergency as well. Yeah! Survival Skills!

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Thought this was why they have home ec classes. For us it was sewing and cooking

*Our? I never do this but that's just kind of inexcusable

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Target, Marshalls, TJ MAX. Best bra's cheap! In that order :)

I bought 4 bras and 1 panty at kohls for a total of a little over $10. Right offer + right discounts + clearance section.

Ross, Marshall's, Raves, 5/7/9, any discount store at the mall sells bras for $4. If that's still too much money, then **** your life, indeed!

Surely buying bras for $4 is what caused this awkward situation in the first place...?

My bra costed $80. Then again, it's nearly impossible to find a size H bra for a low price, and I can't afford a breast reduction. I'll shutup now.

Know what you mean, so much money for a bra when your like a G cup, and they all look shit aha

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I'm just a DD and finding affordable bras is a bitch. When I finally splurged and bought two pricey bras, they broke the next year. In the same exact place, within a week of each other. My $1 clearance bra from Walmart? Holding up perfectly.

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Exactly!! Wal Mart bras are amazing and last forever for >$10. Victorias Secret sucks..women are morons

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If OP can, she should wait until the day after Christmas. I'm a hard size to fit so I have to buy bra from Dillards, which are $40-$90. I got one for $5. They put most stuff on super clearance