By Anonymous - 19/12/2012 22:06 - United States

Today, my bra clasp broke in the middle of a job interview. I got the job on the spot. I'm scared to report into work. FML
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That's what happens when you apply at Hooters! Congrats on the new job.

*snap* You're hired!!


Better bra clasp breaking than a jock strap. -shudder-

Gross visual. Thanks.

Do you wear a jock strap to your work interviews?

One of the most common questions lately is "Do you have balls of steel?" They test for it with a swift kick in the pants. It's a necessity to have a jockstrap these days.

It sounds like some porn intro.

I dont know about you guys but I always wear my luck jock strap

Great picture for that comment..

That's what happens when you apply at Hooters! Congrats on the new job.

Just because the post has to do with bras and breasts your mind automaticly goes to hooters....

It's a joke...

#53, yes, my mind automatically goes to Hooters, accompanied by my dick and my money.

My mind didn't go to hooters, it never left

Real girls show their noonday.. screw bras!

Oops. Boobs

Oh yaaaaa !!! *kool aid guy*

Fuck yeah!

Just be glad you didn't lose the opportunity because of a misfortune that wasn't your fault. Free ballin is unprofessional

Freeballin is unprofessional and wrong, but it feels so right.

*snap* You're hired!!

Yes, that is what happened

The interviewer was rather snappy with his decision indeed.

But why doesnt this happen to me when my bra snaps open??? (search for the joke part)

71 - I give up. What's the joke?

85, I think it's because 71's moobs aren't as attractive as a woman's boobs... Probably would've creeped out the interviewer...

But what if 71 had the moobs like Jabba?

Obviously your new boss didn't notice. Do you think you'd be hired on the spot if they noticed your undergarments were falling apart?! ;)

#6, I think the point of the story is that the boss DID notice the bra disintegrating and liked what he saw, so he offered her the job.

#22 - If I were her employer I wouldn't have hired her. Who (female-wise) doesn't own at least one sturdy bra?!

Bras are unpredictable creatures who, when upset with you, will rage and purposely break their clasp to spite you.

#24, that's because you are a girl. This boss was evidently a male horn-dog who is all too happy that she didn't wear a sturdy bra to the interview and offered her the job in the hopes that she never wears a sturdy bra. Let's hope for the sake of all involved that the OP is moderately qualified for the job. It would suck if he wasted the company's money just to get some downshirt peeks.

24- You're one to talk. I can see your breast and tattoos from here. I'm not hating on your tattoos but most employers dislike them. Hope you take this in consideration my darling.

#34, sssssshhhh! You're going to make her change her picture and ruin it for the rest of us!

24 you look like you know plenty about rebellious bras

24 don't listen to penguin. I think your picture is nice, I can tell you have some nice personality, yeah that's right a nice personality.

6 - i would let everyone here fuck me in the ass except you after that comment.

34 - Obviously I dress more professionally for work. I'm not going to have a photo of me in a blazer, slacks and heels. I work in a high school with students with emotional, developmental and educational disabilities, and I'm progressing to work in an addictions treatment facility for youth and adults. My tattoos have not set me back one bit. :)

Sometimes, bras just pop, no matter how sturdy they are. Especially if you have big boobs. I should know.

You are a dumb ho

A job is a job! Be glad!

Perhaps your collected professionalism under pressure impressed them? Go with that, the options only get creepier.

High tolerance for humiliation and pain a plus.

Probably the best thing I've read all day

Breast thing. Breast thing you heard all day.

I think you mean, "Breast thing I have seen all day".

at least you got the job