By Sansa - 22/10/2014 21:30 - Netherlands - Velp

Today, I had sex for the first time with my first boyfriend. We broke up 6 years ago. FML
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Sansa_fml tells us more.

OP here. Just wanted to make clear that I wasn't drunk and he wasn't either. I still like this guy. Every time I see him I'm falling in love again. Point is that I'm really affraid this wil not work out (I hope it does, but still) And i'm not the type of girl who has sex with anyone this easy, so I'm really confused what to do with it. I guess I'll find out.

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Well that's what I call taking it slow lol

So did you have sex with your second before your first?


honestly I wish I knew what to say, but the only thing I can tell you is not to regret it. hopefully you don't have to, but regretting makes things worse. and maybe to that there was just some underlying attraction left. just go with it for now.

Nothing against you personally, but why give advice if you even admit you don't know what to say? If unsure, saying nothing could do less harm than feeling the need to give "advice".

Figure of speech hon... sorry you didn't pick that up. don't know what to tell you there...

How did you all get such crappy comments

Hon is such an ugly abbreviation.

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And idk if its just me but it always sounds condescending

@ #1, I thumbed up both of your comments just so you'd have one less negative vote. Haters gon' hate....

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71-- im with you. . everyone's hating on 1. youre right though 1... you shouldn't live regretting the past.

So did you have sex with your second before your first?

This fml needs a follow up

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She said "for the first time" so probably not

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she could mean it was the first time having sex with that person

My 1st bf was the 13th person I slept with... I slept with him like 5 years after we dated :P

euphoricness 28

I slept with 24 other people before I was 11 :P

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That's not cool.. That just means your a whore that needs your ass tore up more often by your parents.

#49 thats not something you announce. "Im so cool I slept with 13 people".. yeah no

Haha no need to be shaming people for how many sexual partners they had

#83 she didn't claim to be cool for it, just not ashamed or hides being sexual and there is nothing wrong with that. there's girls with a lot more then 13 on their list and as long as your being safe about it there's no reason to be ashamed, sex is natral and a heathy sex life is good for you.

Well that's what I call taking it slow lol

Maybe a bit too slow

Was it any good ? I would think that would have sucked as it's an fml . Sorry but you choose who you sleep with.

OP should be nicknamed the Boomerang. Still came back... Eventually...

I think it's an FML because it took so long for her to sleep with him for the first time.

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Make sure u add the count now

Malahkaa 19

Bet there was alcohol involved...

The love got rekindled?

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Best makeup sex ever.

Only up voting cause of your pic!!

llamarrama01 21

Good enough for me.

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The face he's making does fit the comment pretty well lol

Was Doc Brown involved in this occurrence?

We have to go back!

Was it worth the wait?