By stupiddddddd - 08/07/2009 07:28 - United Kingdom

Today, I got further with a guy than I've ever before. By that, I mean I got his phone number. FML
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hotbabemagnet 0

Wish I've even got that far... :)

Are you sure it was HIS phone number and not one of those fake ones? Just gotta be sure =)


testing_fml 0

No one cares that no one cares.

blink182rocks 0

Well I care that no one cares, mother ******!

lolololcheese 0

This is not an issue if you are 15 or so.

The people who post "NO ONE CARES" are infinitely more annoying than the poster themselves. So everyone should just STFU about it. @OP: that's kind of funny, but it depends on how old you are really. If you're like 45 then holy shit but if you're like 16 then whoopdie ******* doo.

i think the people that post about people not caring about people posting about not caring about people not caring are the most annoying!! oh shit thats me:(

EvilCupcake8361 9
hotbabemagnet 0

Wish I've even got that far... :)

I hope you're joking. Otherwise I could see why, "hotbabemagnet" that is bitch awesome. Yeah I could see why the women would be swooning over you, idiot.

kflaherty008 0

sad thing is is that ur name is hotbabemagnet and u wish u got that

skullbuster 0

So, is that hotbabemagnet in the sense that the girls in the **** you watch while whacking off don't try to kill you through the screen?

hotbabemagnet 0

Apparently no one gets sarcasm? God people are dumb. Hey, I got a great idea, lets insult people on the internet because they care!

skullbuster 0

I care, god dammit, I care deeply. How dare you, how could I not care about someone who typed a 2 sentence post on a website about scoring a phone #. What kind of animal do you think I am?

An animal who busts skulls, would be my guess. :-P

Hambag_ 0

Reading this line of comments make me giggle. Why insult eachother. You obviously do care otherwise you wouldn't have taken the time to comment on this FML. Not to mention that we all use this site and have probably posted out own FMLs ourselves! And even if she's 16 maybe it's a little depresing for her because she doesn't get any Thank you

Mordakai420 6

Trolls my friend, trolls as far as the eye can see.

Are you sure it was HIS phone number and not one of those fake ones? Just gotta be sure =)

Lol, this really only an XML if you ate like 30. But yeah now you have his phone number! Go do stuff!

Sadly, FML won't let me post actual XML here :-(

rayrayy_fml 0

30...what? Is no one else thrown off by that?

you_know_who10 0

i think he meant "if you are like 30." not ate.

#20 Just put it in quotes or something. Everyone who asked, XML is like HTML, something that can be used to write webpages. For more info (much more technical), check out this wikipedia link:

While that post was editable, I tried quotes, PRE tags, CODE tags, escaped quotes, escaping the braces. :-( Oh well, I guess that just means this isn't the place to share code. :-) Too bad THAT temptation can never be fulfilled...

shadowoftheday_fml 0

the fact that you made progress is an fml? :| ungrateful.

lastminuteperm 0

You got his phone number. How is this an FML? It's a good thing...and hopefully you will get close to him. Gosh, you sound selfish. Oh no! You got a guy's phone number! Too bad that's the closest Iyou have gotton to a guy. Now that you have the guy, you will get closer...maybe. Since you are spoiled, or sound like it, you probably won't get any closer. Now I can see why that's only how close you got to a guy.

some are spoiled, some are neglected obviously ;)

#33, if you don't like whining, you must hate this website. :P OP: It's a good start, FYL though

immafiremylaser 0

These "how pathetic your life is" not-actually-FMLs are just sad attempts to evoke pity in us. Their just stupid.

Nah, I love this website - I love reading about bad things that happen to people. For her, nothing bad happened.

whatacoolkid 0

Um, how old are you? Depending on your age, this COULD be an fml. I mean, I'm 14, and getting a guy's phone number and confessing my attraction to them is the furthest I've gotten with a guy. No dating, no kissing, etc. If you are 20-something, then it could be considered an fml. But no worries! Congratulations on getting a guy's number! It IS a big step. Now just call him/text him and see what happens. Good luck with love-it's been PRETTY unpredictable for me. haha.

seriously! stop throwing a pity party! if you wanted to get more attention sooner, you should have made yourself more available! guys arent going to come knocking on your door while you sit there and wait. i hate it when people post shit like this. its so annoying. i mean really, which would you prefer from the two scenarios? You dont get any attention until now, or you get so much attention that it makes you a prime victim for rape or whatever. I mean, seriously, worse possible things could happen so get over it and call him before you let him get away.

So, someone liked you enough to give you his number? I don't see the problem.