By aawkward... - 09/12/2009 19:27 - United States

Today, I was watching TV with my mom. The new Trojan Ecstasy condom commercial came on. I sat there awkwardly while my mom pulled out her shopping list. I bet you can guess what she added. FML
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And your dad is out of town and/or had a vasectomy.

sooo, your mom has sex. old people have sex , bug whoop...


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57 youre stupid. 1 no one cares that your first. blahh. and ooh you didnt know your mom had sex? how do you think you got here?

Yeah, and a girl should never have to buy her own condoms ... Seriously .........

Um, it's only fair for everyone to be prepared. Why should it be the guy's responsibility every time? It's common courtesy.

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why did she randomly have her shopping list with her?

see at least you made a comment on it not like the idiot at the top who only says first

SECOND and why did you ask her for condoms?

perdix 29

And your dad is out of town and/or had a vasectomy.

Aww! Thats cute! But it is awkward especially if its your mom!

I'll say it; it's because YOU were the consequence of not using Trojan condoms (the ecstacy is icing on the ****). p.s. yeah, she hates you.