By JaneVI - 10/02/2011 22:48 - United Kingdom

Today, I got an e-mail from my seminar tutor asking why I wasn't in class. I was sitting next to him. FML
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colleen2920 0

say, I'm right here you moron


yes OP your life sucks because ur so ****** boring that no one notices you....(sarcasm)

come on 39 y so mean lol the tutor is just probably stupid man

TheDrop 0

You deserve it for being shy and anti-social

colleen2920 0

say, I'm right here you moron

the tutor knows he's there now thats why he email him

Maybe you should try speaking up. :) Step out of your shell.

Dress yourself up a bit so you stand out more, darling. Either that or speak up a little.

ollallie 0

6 ur the bomb I <3 all of it comments they make me :)

Mirorbo is indeed one of my joys on FML.

BeastNerd 3

I love having my Invisibility Cloak on, too; I can understand why OP would be hesitant to take it off. Ah! I don't know if I worded that correctly. Can I get some grammatical help?

xmarkstheheart 0

What is that a picture of?? They look like bananas.

designer bananas :) taste like fabric

mintcar 9

You weren't supposed to steal clothes from the emperor, OP!!

GetaLifePlease 0

the clothes are see through not the emp.

mintcar 9

Exactly what I said. Stealing clothes from the emperor. DERP!

but the emporer was naked not invisible, I think if op were naked op'd draw attention rather draw it away. DERP