By her0x3her0ine617 - 09/12/2009 18:12 - United States

Today, I received my camera in the mail. I had sent it back to the company because it wouldn't turn on. As I was reading the note they put in, it said, "Battery was put in backwards. No other problems found." FML
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That's what it said as you were reading it?

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I hope the company's 'repairs' were free.

After I read the post, thinking how anyone could be so idiotic, I just looked at the "by her0x3her0ine617 (woman) " And it all made sense.

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Lmao #41 pretty much all that needs to be said

hahaha you deff deserved it!!! that's the first thing you shouldve checked...

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Wow, really? Seems like if something doesn't turn on, a person's first instinct would be to make sure the batteries are in correctly.

Like Musicninja said...the batteries tend to be the very first thing a person checks on when their electronics don't wory...

What's with all the idiots in the world? Again, DO NOT REPRODUCE.

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