By WartCream - United States - Olathe
Today, I was watching TV with my boyfriend, when a weird wart-removal ad came on. He watched in disgust as the lady's wart said rude things to her. Then he looked at me and said seriously, "I'm glad yours don't talk..." FML
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  Lisee92  |  18

I've never understood why some people don't remove them. Why keep them when there's so many different ways to get rid of them. It looks kinda nasty. OP, take your boyfriend's hint.

  Umbreon01100  |  18

I had a wort on my finger and had it for years before I finally decided to do something about it and I will tell you it hurt and didn't even completely remove it (it is starting to grow back

  iAlissa  |  34

It's actually a skit from Saturday night live. Except for wart cream, it was originally vagina cream. Which sounds better in my opinion.
And sometimes immature humor is the best kind :p

By  Bevspeaks  |  11

Then his sentence would have been, "I'm glad yours does not talk" That is grammatically incorrect. You are a fail grammar nazi. He used the proper contraction. "I'm glad yours do not talk"

  hcollins1  |  18

I don't know, I don't think those people in the wart commercials are ventriloquists. If she were to become one, I'm sure she doesn't have to become popular to get a commercial, just find an agent.