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Today, while working as a swim instructor, I started singing the hokey pokey to get all the kids used to putting their faces in the water. One of the kids was covering his ears. When I asked him why, he said "because you were singing." He's 3. FML
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OMG OP you should try to come up with a way to kick him out of swimming. That was really rude and hurtful :(

OP you deserve it for trying to drown 3 year olds to the tune of the hokey pokey.

#13 - Kicking him out of swimming just for being honest and saying that someone's singing is bad seems pretty dramatic..

#13. Kids are brutally honest. They don't have an internal editor yet. You don't punish them for it. OP, take the not so subtle hint. Stop Singing.

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13, you've never been around young children much have you? Children that young will say anything that comes to their mind and don't know when to not say such things like that.

@33 Harsh, but true. If parents would get off their iPhones and iPads and Mac books and shit for just a minute and pay attention to their kids, maybe they'd learn a couple manners here and there.

The man knows what he likes when it comes to find music.

My niece does that. She's 3. It's just children :P

I'm confused. What does his age have to do with anything? I recognized bad singing at a young age. Just take it as a sign.

At 3, kids don't know all of the words in our vocabulary and how to speak fluently yet. The fact that the kid said OP didn't like her singing, plus the fact that kids tell the truth, would be a big kick in the balls.

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Because 3 year olds have the balls to say something like that, but people our age, well most have the decency not to say anything like that.

Children at about that age don't realise what all words mean yet and to them, sometimes when they say things like 'I don't like your singing' etc. they are trying the waters ( :P ) they are testing their boundaries and seeing how far they can go without being told off. This lasts until the teenage years. At such an early age though, they don't necessarily mean to be cruel and don't fully understand when they have been.

Use this discovered talent at poor singing to your advantage. It is a well known fact that water suppresses and distorts most sound. You want their heads in the water? Sing worse. You have set their expectations that your singing is bad. Start singing inexplicably worse, but do it subtly enough that they don't catch on.

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If you sound anything like James Blunt I don't blame the kid but hearing that you can't sing hurts, I understand...

Don't be ashamed OP, now you have leverage.

Evidently, you've never taught swim lessons. It doesn't matter how short of a time they're in the water. The goal is to get them accustomed to it. If short periods of time will help, then one should do it. What's more? Playing games and singing songs ease the kids into it. OP knows how to teach... If only she could sing, too.