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Today, I realized my wedding ring had fallen off while doing yard work the previous day. Luckily, I only worked in a few areas, so I had high hopes of finding it. That is until a storm came through, blew half a foot of leaves all over the property, and then froze them with sleet. FML
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youdon'tknowme tells us more.

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OP here! The ring had always been so tight that I couldn't get it off, but I guess loosing baby weight combined with the cold weather, my finger shrunk enough. I agree with commenters... I found it extremely odd that I didn't notice... Maybe a case of missing limb syndrome but with a ring? Anyhow, after spending a morning raking the leaves in freezing rain, I FOUND IT! An FML win! (Oh, and #55 sleet does freeze leaves when you live in Texas and the ground is warm enough to melt the sleet but the wind cold enough to re-freeze it. But we can compromise and say we are both right because it has been alternating between freezing rain and sleet for a little while now). WIN!


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And on the flip side, here in Australia, there will be 3 months of non-stop 30+ Celsius weather at 80% humidity coming. I'd rather have cold weather - at least you can add on layers and watch TV.

Well I'll switch with you, buying an air conditioner is probably worth it. Then you stay cool and outside is hot, rather than every time you leave your house your limbs fall off from frost bite

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#16 - not really. I can see where you're coming from, but it's far easier to warm up than cool down. When it's *really* hot, there's no escaping it, even with A/C (which only helps a fair bit, but doesn't completely solve it). Everything is hot - the ground, the air, the walls, your clothes, and even the pipes that carry the cold water. Throw in the high humidity - it's even harder to cool down; and keeps you sticky - it makes it even worse.

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ps: the sun is so strong here, the UV levels often reach 15. To put it into context - you can literally feel a slight pressure on your skin when the sun shines (and I'm olive skinned). You can also get tanned a shade darker within 30 minutes.

Good thing you don't live in Canada and have 3 feet of snow piled on top of all that :p

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#27, I'm from toronto aswell and there is nowhere near 3 feet of snow in the GTA. Maybe further up north in barrie etc. but not here...there is about half an inch on the ground from last night and most is gone by now, just in small patches.

#19 - I have I guess fair skin (and from Australia) and I do tend to burn easily within an hour probably if im not covering my skin (more my shoulders and back). I only ever tan on my arms.

OP might come across a Viking treasure hoard!!! Oh wait, wrong continent. :(

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There's a lot of FMLs concerning wedding ring mishaps lately...

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Losing my wedding ring is one of my biggest fears. I feel for ya

In today's day and age, I'm surprised built-in GPS trackers in expensive rings isn't a thing.

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm more worried about my class ring. probably because I'm not married though..

@26: You might want to trademark that quickly before someone else on here steals it...

I know some people can't get theirs off until their hands have been covered in goop and ice cold. Besides, a little dirt is not going to hurt a band of metal. Gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or what ever else people get these days can take it.

I have never had a problem with mine slipping off during any activity: yard work, dishes, hand washing, changing the serpentine belt on our car, etc.. Maybe all these people need to get their rings properly sized. The only time I remove it is to dye my hair or when preparing a meal with raw meat so bacteria doesn't stay in all the nooks and crannies.

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I don't know how you loose your wedding ring and don't realize it for a day.

Borrow or buy a metal detector, i wish you luck with finding it

That sure is bad luck. Hope you find it soon.

That happened to my dad, but he mowed it...

Hope you find it soon.Metal dectectors will be your best friend in this situation!

When you find it, try swallowing it to keep it safe.

I hope this doesn't get down voted by ignorant thumbs who haven't read that FML that you were alluding to.

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Insulting the thumb is never a good idea

You don't insult the thumb, the thumb insults YOU!

awe, that will be a huge fear I will have in the future. Hope you find it OP! Like previous posters, try getting a metal detector.