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  slkeithh  |  12

No. They are the same. It's the wrong kind of people choosing to get married for the wrong reasons. I can't imagine this is a sudden huge red flag for OP.

By  Justin Allan Bannister  |  9

maybe you're just assuming things? But then again I don't know you. but I'm just saying maybe you're overthinking things

  mssileas  |  25

How can a person overthink their partner and father of their unborn child claiming he needs to be allowed to have affairs so he can relax? Even if I'm UNDERthinking this, it's horrible.

By  mssileas  |  25

There's a special hell for men who get their women pregnant and then have the guts to complain about how it's stressful for THEM (or better yet, how they "can't handle the physical changes" bc God forbid stretch marks and a few extra pounds).

  Justin Allan Bannister  |  9

always good to have a little time to oneself, if hes cheating, toss his ass out, if hes not, then wow.... calm yourself feminazi

  mssileas  |  25

If he's not already cheating than he's still convinced he 'deserves' sleeping around because his wife's pregnancy is stressful TO HIM lmao. Fine, once she has the baby and recovery period is over, put it in his arms and tell him it's his responsibility now while she goes out and relaxes with some fit young guys, it's only fair after she had to hear his complaining for months.

This is just gross behavior towards your partner who you are in a committed relationship with. And call me a feminazi all you want, but there's few things that enrage me more than this BS of abandoning women in the very time they'd actually need support from their partners. Because they are pregnant, and while they make it through alienating physical changes, hormone fluctuations, nausea, migraines, have their organs squished together only in order to create a new life with their partner, all they get is "gross, fat, stretch marks, uhh so annoying, my grandma birthed twenty kids standing up (your grandma also lost twenty kids due to no medical assistance btw)".

So miss me with this condescending crap of "maybe he hasn't actually put his d*ck in some other person so far" as if that's the point.