By t2t2sync - 03/08/2011 01:47 - United States

Today, while leaving work, I noticed a woman struggling with her wheelchair. Trying to be kind, I grabbed the handles and began to push her. A few moments later, the front wheels caught on something and I ended up dumping her onto the ground. Now my coworkers all think I'm a huge douche. FML
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Next time push the chair a bit more gentle. Don't race her down the street

Who cares what your friends think. At least you know you had good intentions! :)

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See what happens when you try to help

You know, I respect you OP for trying to help her, but you should've asked her 1st if she needed, or even wanted, your help. And I'm also hoping it wasn't an old lady (just because she probably would've broken something easier).

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16 wtf you talking about i just added some NOS tanks and a roll cage to my grannies wheelchair. She can go from 0 to "when's wheel of fortune coming on?" in 3 seconds flat

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Now you can redeem yourself, by wheeling her to the closest hospital :)

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as a rule of thumb when helping someone who is disabled- ask first! if the person says no, go on your way. if they say yes ask how you can be of help. many prefer you don't push them, but helping with doors is awesome.

@81 i agree, as somebody who is in a wheel chair myself i hate it when people help me do thinks without asking because most of the time i can do it myself

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I agree, some people who are disabled won't ask for help. So if you ask and they say no at least you ask and had good intentions!

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This is why we can't have nice things

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they tryin to catch me being douchey...

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^ (pops collar) why thank you. im now going to photoshop abs on my profile picture be right back.

Tristyxxx 24

No one here has any pics of abs.

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32- Dude, don't forget to put on your Affliction shirt once you're done.

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32-and get some tribal tattoos

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And a new haircut... bitches love new haircuts.

Just say that you wanted to give her an experience she'll never forget

Your not first :P The same thing happened to me awhile ago XD

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A good deed gone horribly wrong....


You should have let her regain her independence