By AtLeastThereWasAParamedic
Today, I was walking on the sidewalk near my house when a car pulled out of a parking spot in front of a speeding ambulance. The ambulance swerved up onto the grass. Yes, I broke my arm after being hit by an ambulance. FML
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By  nattlecakes  |  19

Ambulance accidents actually aren't uncommon. Although the drivers are trained in how to handle the vehicle others often don't know how to behave near them or don't hear their sirens to know to stay put

  LH_FIRE_22  |  12

That's the main part of our training. Be defensive. Everyone on the road becomes complete idiots who have never driven a car before once an emergency vehicle shows up. Easiest thing to do, pull to the right, and stop. Or in this case, don't pull out of the road you're on

  Mauskau  |  35

I saw one recently, it looked like a car was turning into a junction and the ambulance was on the wrong side of the road going past traffic, the ambulance T boned the car and the driver was completely out of it.

By  Karly Anne  |  2

man that really sucks, i mean even thou im sure you guys had to wait for another ambulance at least they could tell you what to do with your arm tell they got there