By anonymous - 02/11/2014 04:51 - United States - Vacaville

Today, my boyfriend was giving me a back massage while I was laying on my stomach. A few minutes into it, he stopped. I turned around to see why; he was taking a picture of my butt. FML
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RA91 26

Your man likes the way you look, I see no problem with that. Take it as a compliment OP! :)

What an ass


What an ass

that pun though


Obviously, considering he took a picture of it

RA91 26

Your man likes the way you look, I see no problem with that. Take it as a compliment OP! :)

The man is spending his time in a back massage, and dating you. And he think you got the booty worthy of being captured into the unique, deep albums of worthy images that can summarize his very soul. What he thinks is good, bad, beautiful, and worth having. Your booty is worthy of that boys life album...

BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

She clearly didn't give permission. You never know where these pictures end up.

Did he think that it was acceptable for him to do so without your permission? Because if so, he needs a talk on boundaries.

I'm guessing OP was clothed, so I really think that attitude is a bit of an overreaction. They're dating, and it's nothing any common stranger couldn't see without permission. EDIT: Granted, if OP respectfully asked her boyfriend to delete it and he refused, that's a different story.

No, it's not OP's boyfriend's right to just take photos of her, it's her right to allow him to. Much like marital rape is a crime, because a woman's body is hers to share, not someone's to take.

Put things in perspective, because you just compared a fully clothed butt photo to raping somebody. I'm not one to say "reverse the situation", but any girl taking a picture of a guy's butt would be seen as playful and silly.

I can understand what 12 is saying, but I think she is overreacting a bit...Like if my boyfriend was massaging my bum or back or whatever, I'd kinda expect him to say "Hey, I'm taking a pic of your ass" and then I can say if I'm cool with it or not. I'd be kinda annoyed if he just took a snap and went on about his business...Plus, it's kinda creepy!

#4, just shut up. Nobody agrees with you.

So, she's totally okay with him touching her, they are dating, but you think it's not okay to snap a photo? Yes, he is most certainly NOT entitled to anything. But I don't think a good ole booty pic is too much to ask for. And he should be know her well enough to judge what she is and isn't okay with. That's a part of dating.

I agree with. It's not okay to take anyone's picture without their permission. And you're assuming OP was fully clothed. There's a good chance she wasn't.

songofroyalty 6


Grace, you know I respect you, but this is clearly an overreaction. They're not strangers, it's likely the boyfriend would have known how OP felt about this type of thing. You shouldn't need to ask permission to take a photo of somebody you're on good terms with; it should be clear if they're not okay with it.

It was probably a joke guys. My boyfriend would've done the same thing.

'Da booty' obviously 'be banging'

I don't think it's comparable to marital rape, and no, it's not a huge deal, but it's still a dick move. Especially with the revenge **** being so big now on the internet, OP might not be comfortable with her boyfriend having nude photos of her, assuming the photo was of her bare ass.

Shadowvoid 33

I'm going to add some of my perspective. I had a girlfriend that we shared very intimate pictures between each other, but we talked about it and she said it would be ok, sometimes, if I asked to take a few pictures. The pictures were a privilege though and if she request I delete them, they were gone. It's about respect and doing the right things. It's not a problem that he took the picture though. Granted he should have asked, but if she didn't want him to have the picture, he should delete it. Also, never share pictures of that nature with anyone. That's the most moronic thing you can do.

jbombdighetty 11

your name really fits your comments. "a woman's body"? feminism is BS and cruel and meat is healthy and delicious. that being said, you probably don't care for my opinion just as I don't care about yours but I'll state it anyway. If he was giving her a back massage while she was laying on her stomach, chances are, they're really close and he's seen her butt dozens of times. It's not like some stranger walking around taking pictures, because that's messed up and wrong. As far as "mental rape" that doesn't exist. human (just as all animals, since you're probably into animal rights) minds are wired to lust for each other's bodies. That's no secret. and appreciating someone's butt isn't only okay, but it's natural.

If he thinks it's picture-worthy I don't see it as a bad thing...

Take it as a compliment!

He's admiring your beautiful buttocks. Take it as a compliment.

One should respect he, who can appreciate a good ass when he encounters one.

Brownie points, anybody?

I'm guessing you got the booty!!! That's a good thing. My boo does the same thing and yeah it's like aww thanks for thinking I have a nice butt, yet at the same time it's like...can..can you not right now?

To everyone saying "take it as a compliment", taking a photo of someone when they are naked without their permission is unacceptable. OP, have a word with him about it, if he doesn't see why you'd be upset I'd advise breaking it off. There is no point being with someone who doesn't respect your boundaries!

Koios 30

Why are you assuming she was naked?

Break it off? You're also assuming that she hated it and they haven't been dating long. We don't know the full story. It could've been a joke, because some FMLs are (shocker). Telling OP to break it off without knowing the full story is ridiculous.

Where, in the FML, did they say it was a naked massage?

RA91 26

EXACTLY!!!! lol

Didn't say she wasn't nude, either. I'm always naked when my boyfriend massages me.

And I'm always clothed when mine gives me one. We will never know for sure unless OP follows up.

abraybro 27

If you've got it, flaunt it.