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Very lucky because being t-boned can cause a lot of severe and permanent damage, and a lot of time death. So he could be very lucky if he walked out of those (not just alive) but even literally, was able to walk out.

  Byahhh  |  3

67- I don't recall doing so. If I did, it's probably my phone's fault. I don't comment often; and when I do it's for others' benefit, so let's not critique, thanks.

  Llama_Face89  |  33

T-boned refers to when a car plows straight ahead into the side of another car. I have never heard any sexual connotation applied to the term before. Boned yes, T-boned no.

  Seirye  |  2

Are you stupid? Do you even know what being "T- boned" is? Anyone with some common sense knows what it is workout thinking about anything sexual.