By Anonymous - 01/07/2012 00:31

Today, I was T-boned at an intersection. In an ambulance. On the way to the hospital after being T-boned at an intersection. FML
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Whoa... Going from an accident at an intersection to another accident at a intersection... Is it interCEPTION??! Lol

DalPozzo13 10

Damn, that's some bad luck


DalPozzo13 10

Damn, that's some bad luck

Byahhh 3

T-boned twice? I'd say the steaks were pretty high.

Yeah, I would stay away from driving from now on if I was you. This almost looks like a scene from final destination

fat_snooki_lol 6

You need to watch Final Destination.

Your insurance is going to have a hard time believing someone can be that unlucky.

Not that his insurance will need to cover an ambulance that he was in.

Zimmington 21

2 lawsuits!!

Or maybe karma caught up. But shit that would be the shitest day ever.

Whoa... Going from an accident at an intersection to another accident at a intersection... Is it interCEPTION??! Lol

I don't know if I love or hate this comment.

Goddamnit you beat me to it!

DalPozzo13 10

Ya, I'm wondering the same thing haha

PS: I do hope you're okay though, you are either very lucky or very unlucky. But at least you were already on your way to the hospital?

No it's just inception ^^

11- I don't exactly see how this could be interpreted as " very lucky " :p but yes at least they were on the way to the hospital

Very lucky because being t-boned can cause a lot of severe and permanent damage, and a lot of time death. So he could be very lucky if he walked out of those (not just alive) but even literally, was able to walk out.

Man. That just straight up sucks.

Sairagna 2

We need to go deeper.

Im reading this in the hospital after being t boned in an intersection I believe I have just reached the third interception level!!

.... I hope it wasn't the same intersection

Byahhh 3

T-boned twice? I'd say the steaks were pretty high...

^I see what you did there

21 - You did??? OMG how did you get that?!?!?

Byahhh 3

23, you're missing the point anyway haha

Yea, baustigt. How dare you. go to your room.

Byahhh 3

67- I don't recall doing so. If I did, it's probably my phone's fault. I don't comment often; and when I do it's for others' benefit, so let's not critique, thanks.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Wow, lucky you survived both!

42 your comment made me forget why I was posting haha

8 and 42, both your horses are pretty, I love horses.

Fatalally 4

I like tortlez

You have the worst luck in the world! So sorry OP

At least he's alive.....

skullofdarkness 18

Sounds like the real life Bad-Luck-Brian. O.o

moonsxstars 6

Be happy you can still post this fml

I had the same thought. "double t-bone and first thought is to post on FML. Seems legit."

now i'm hungry. gonna go make some steak

He's a fucking idiot. What's your point?

Daaaaamn thats back luck at its finest

Eh, you might want to word your sentence better. T-boned? Not to sound like my mind is in the gutter, but I was preparing myself to read about a rape.

Or maybe you should stop watching so much porn....

I heard the reference from a person and NOT the Internet. Now, who would want to T-bone poor me?! D: That sounds painful.

Well in that case tell that person too stop watching so much porn and relaying his findings to others.

Llama_Face89 33

T-boned refers to when a car plows straight ahead into the side of another car. I have never heard any sexual connotation applied to the term before. Boned yes, T-boned no.

Are you stupid? Do you even know what being "T- boned" is? Anyone with some common sense knows what it is workout thinking about anything sexual.

This fml should hardly exist this should be a TGIS (thank god I survived)