By Flipside - United States
Today, as I was driving home, I saw a woman get hit by a car. I immediately parked on the side of the road to assist her. I called an ambulance and stayed with her until they came to get her, comforting her all the while. When I returned to my car, I found a parking ticket in my windshield. FML
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honestly yeah I mean u were pretty much saving someones life but even if not: u did the right thing, saved an innocent life, and then got fined what $50? is there really a price to pay for life?

By  sm0508  |  0

You did the right thing. Complain about it, cause you had every right to stop considering the emergency situation.If they don't then punch the officer in the face... and write another FML while in prison ;)

  ThisIsDingo  |  0

Are you that stupid.. Cops don't give parking tickets.. At all. Parking authority does, cops deal with public crisis, which means they were at the scene I guarantee. Check your facts fatass.

By  cd5love96  |  0

I applaud your heroics. Fight that ticket you'll win. Last year my aunt got hit by an SUV which sent her 140+ feet down the road. A cop saw the jackass eat the red light and didn't even get out to comfort her just called the ambulance. She died the next day of massive brain trauma, broken ribs, pelvis, femur, swollen heart, etc.

If I could I would pay that ticket for you.

By  okenter  |  0

Not only can you contest the ticket, you can call the issuing officer into court and have them explain to a judge why they were handing out tickets in the middle of an accident scene.