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Today, while I was doing my job as a groundskeeper, a couple of kids wearing MAGA hats threw garbage and rocks at me, then told me to "go back where you came from". I'm American, but I guess my beard makes me look like an immigrant or something, as this isn't the first time this has happened. FML
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  xxthexmisfitxx  |  25

Like, can we not because it's no longer active or morally wrong? Because this country is starting to seem like it needs quite a bit of vigilante justice against all the disgusting bigots.

By  CrazyManNo9  |  29

Anyone wearing a MAGA hat and abusing anyone else, either immigrant or not and even illegal or not, should be ashamed of themselves, and should be appropriately punished. No one is going to MAGA by being a total ass. I'd like to think they were wearing the caps just to insult Trump, but they are 100% wrong in either case.

Be well.


I really doubt they meant it as an insult to Trump. Trump built his whole campaign on dog whistle racism, making immigrants a scapegoat for everything wrong in America. It's a trick as old as politics to pretend to be one of the little people (because nothing says average Joe American like a billionaire capitalist born with a diamond spoon in his mouth) and to pander to rampant xenophobia.
He also made it ok to be openly bigoted and discriminatory under the pretense of being non-PC.
He has no issue calling out to the families victims of crimes by illegal immigrants while completely ignoring immigrants victims of hate crimes (for instance Srinivas Kuchibhotla).
Same happened in UK after Brexit. Racist idiots felt empowered to attack people based solely on their skin color or attire.

  Wendy O Koopa  |  5

i agree. the current leader isn't making his country great he's basically sending it to ruin personally and financially. gm has cut 1000 jobs already and pandoras box once opened is hard to close.

By  Robert Emmons  |  2

I typically just scroll through and have a laugh at the insane situation people get themselves in, but this story is completely ridiculous. Whether this man was an immigrant or not, behavior like that by anyone should not be tolerated. How anyone can click " you deserve it" to this is beyond me.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

Kinds: "Go back to where you came from!"

You: "But I just left your mom's house."