By fml - United States
Today, I was walking through town when I saw a plastic bag on the ground. Trying to be a good citizen, I picked it up, intending on throwing it in the trash. When I looked up, there wasn't a trash can for another hundred feet. So I put it back down. Now I've got a $200 fine to pay for littering. FML
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By  mojo_jojo  |  0

He was probably holding it by the very tip of his fingers to keep from getting anything nasty on him, but then he looked like an idiot and the wind kept threatening to blow it in his face. That'd be a good reason to not walk a hundred feet.

By  ElsBells  |  0

That makes you just as bad as the original person, too lazy to walk to 100 feet to throw it away. If you're going to pick up litter, just throw it out! YDI!

By  ambisaurus  |  0

if you could see the trashcan why couldnt you just walk over there? i mean i could understand if there werent any trashcans anywhere but come on it was like right there