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  fireandice27  |  0

Pretty sure you'll care when you develop future health problems. Being fat isn't a problem because of what society thinks about the ideal body image, it's a problem because it is a risk factor for so many chronic diseases! People have it so wrong when they say "I'm fat and I don't care because I refuse to adhere to the community's expectations of what I should look like." It's going to stuff up your health, idiots!

  Namaste_fml  |  2

it's actually also a symptom of many chronic illnesses and a side effect of many medications, but the stigma doesn't change for those who had absolutely no say in it and already have health problems which is what caused the issue. so saying it's all about a person's "health" is sort of a whopping lie, because degrading and occasionally abusing people for something they hate anyway and can't currently help, especially when their already sick us fairly likely to cause the person more health issues due to stress. Not to mention the discrimination against other potentially unhealthy things isn't equal, either. Nor is someone else's health your concern anyway, so you're overstepping a boundary big-time in thinking you should get a say in choices about their health, because you don't.

So looking at the evidence logically, the argument that it's not about appearance, it's about "health" doesn't fit the actions in any way, shape, or form. there us really no logical basis for how it would make sense and plenty for why it doesn't so it's clearly a crock full of shit. stop trying to feed people that sort of BS, because it's a really stupid, bad lie. doesn't cone even close to making sense in any aspect, on any level.