By ooh cat - 18/05/2012 21:50 - United States - Inglewood

Today, after weeks of sorting, inspecting, and waiting, my high school's yearbooks were distributed. I'd searched carefully for photo errors and was proud to say there were none. That is, until someone told me that a boy on the last page was flipping the camera the bird. FML
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I know where that boy can stick that finger. How in the turtle's flipper did you not notice that picture?!


I think you might lose your job as editor.

1- It's usually part of a class a student takes to edit the yearbook. I'm doubtful they will be unable to do it again as it's the job of many students to look for errors.

I know that they are a student. In my weightlifting class it is my job to watch over some of the freshman in my group and to make sure they don't die. If one of them were to drop a large weight on their head because I wasn't spotting them I would lose that responsibility or that job. Does that make sense?

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32- cool story, bro... But this is about op, not you... Op, just laugh it off, could be worse, he could be mooning the camera... at least try to think positively about it... Lol

Are you proud to be a senior weight-lifter?

It was the only example I could think of that would relate to me. I was not trying to brag. Most males my age weight lift in one way or another so it isnt anything special. I was just trying to show why I used the word "job" with an example since my first comment was buried because people thought I meant a different meaning of job. I guess i could have tried something else to explain that wouldnt focus on me. I'm sorry I wasn't clear in either one of the previous comments.

It's ok 43, don't feel bad if you get thumbed down, most of the time of the first person to comment on an fml says something others don't like any comment you make after that gets thumbed down for no reason.

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Then again, a lot of first posts tend to just be 'FIRST!!'

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That is something that should have never been over looked. I'm a layout editor and I went through every single page; if that's have been on there, it'd have been deleted. Ydi for irresponsibility.

49 that doesn't make sense. I obviously don't understand people very well.

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I agree with 49. Don't worry!

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You probably looked over it too much , but hey mistakes happen.

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Trying being a cs major and getting seg faults then tell me you still like errors

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wouldn't someone have had to see that someone was flipping off the camera when they actually put the picture in?

I think half my school would have been scarred for life if that happened when I was in school.

I know where that boy can stick that finger. How in the turtle's flipper did you not notice that picture?!

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im guessing it was subtle like in the background.

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Well, someone in my yearbook got away with the quote "When the red river is flowin', take the dirt road home." When the editors finally noticed, they had to go back and use white out on EVERY yearbook.

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30- Not gonna lie that was pretty badass of them. Either that or hilarious.

How did you not notice after a couple of weeks of "inspecting" that someone was flipping of the camera? Well anyways, it will make for a memorable book and for a funny story.

That's one way to be remembered ;)

Well if it happened in a picture, it's sure to have happened outside of that picture.. Shows true colours, right?

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That's how he will be remembered! But that's what makes the yearbook good! ;)

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Just don't mention it. Hopefully it's a small pic in a collage and nobody else will notice.