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Today, while trying on a dress, my sister came up behind me and poked my back, asking, “What have you stuck down your dress?” I hadn’t put anything down the back of my dress; it was just my back fat. FML
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My god, cut the OP some slack guys. Jeez, sometimes I just get so pissed off from idiots. Just because you are thin does NOT mean YOU ARE FIT. GET THAT INTO YOUR ******* BRAINS. 'Naturally thin' people aren't necessarily athletic people. I've known so called 'overweight' girls fitter than those 'naturally thin' girls. Just because you are THIN does not mean you are FIT. I guess due to the new media hypnotising your brains, being skinny is the only way to be beautiful. being slim won't automatically make you amazing, okay? Seriously guys, it's more important to be HEALTHY. H-E-A-L-T-H-Y. Some people actually find it HARD to lose weight. You can't expect someone to do a few laps on the track and BAM a new skinny girl has been created. Sorry for the long rant, and the occasional repetitions. It's just that some peoples brains are too thick to understand simple things such as this topic.

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Ew, up until just recently I had the same problem with my team swimsuit. There's a stretchy chord that's wired along the back. Imagine how delicious that looks wrapped around fat. No big. Just get off your butt and do something about it. ;P


Tell your sister she's setting unreasonable standard of beauty by being Kate Moss skinny. Then backhand her.

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I agree. I swear if I see one more "I'm fat and someone called me fat" FML I am done with this site.

That's ******* gross stop complaining and do something about it sheesh

Yeah I agree! I can't help but click YDI to people getting upset about weight issues... And it really irks me when people say "oh but you can't say that fat people deserve it because some of them have medical conditions or are on medications that make them fat." Well yeah, an extremely small percentage of the fat population do fall into that category, but it's not a valid excuse for a lot of them. I know many people with hypothyroidism who are very thin, because they watch what they eat and take care to exercise. Honestly, if you have excess weight, eat well and exercise!! I get really annoyed when people say "but I've tried all the diets and none of them work", well yeah, a lot of them don't work and others that work such as the Atkins diet are extremely dangerous. If you eat well and in moderation and exercise regularly, you won't get fat. It's honestly that simple. For people trying to lose weight, I'd definitely recommend Weight Watchers though, coupled with a decent exercise regimen. If you follow your daily points allowance, exercise and make sure the food you are eating adheres to your country's National Dietary Guidelines (well, I know Australia have them - not sure about others though hehe)! Don't give up trying to lose weight, but DON'T blame it on other things. Yeah just my 2 cents :)

Agreed. If you don't want to be fat, do something about it and stop whining.

Back fat is fun to hold onto when you're riding the pig :D

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Agreed. If you don't like being fat do something about it. Or don't be suprised when people point out your fat. Fat people are gross!


I whole-heartedly agree. It pisses me off that people can be THAT lazy, unmotivated, and careless. I was also actually diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 8. I'd gone two to a few years without being diagnosed because my doctor didn't know what the problem was. I was overweight and had other symptoms. But eventually they gave me a medication that I can take for the rest of my life. I'm not fat anymore, although I'm currently working to lose a few more pounds which is going real great. I'm near the higher-middle end of the average weight range, and real close to my ideal weight. :] I don't see how people can even let themselves GET that big in the first place if they don't have any medical problems or other excuses for it. Learn when to put down the damn twinkies and maybe you'll look AND feel better. D:

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I agree that they should stop complaining but people ask how can they let themselves go? maybe stress from money job and kids, no time in their day to workout, and if ur a teen talking just wait till ur metabolism slows down. ps I'm not overweight just trying to be understanding

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Ew, up until just recently I had the same problem with my team swimsuit. There's a stretchy chord that's wired along the back. Imagine how delicious that looks wrapped around fat. No big. Just get off your butt and do something about it. ;P

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Yuck. Fat people are gross and should stay inside.

Is anyone else tired of lame FMLs about being fat?

I am. Also ran out of chocolate cake. =/

I'm tired of all the FMLs about being fat, but let's not assume she's obese. Somebody with a BMI of just 22-23%, a perfectly normal level, are called fat in today's society. Plus, if the dress was tight it could make her look 30 lbs. heavier that she actually is.