By disturbed - United States
Today, I was walking down the street when I heard a loud splashing noise to my right. I looked over only to see a woman not squatting but bending over, spreading her cheeks, peeing a horse-sized amount of pee. I can't un-see this. FML
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  srunano  |  4

I swear when I read it I saw it said "old," anyways still you should have scared the shit out of her, then that would have been funny. Should have made a siren noise or faked a cop voice. I remember doing that funniest memory of Christmas xD

  angrynegro7  |  16

She probably wanted some butt sex with her golden shower. I wonder if she knows the homeless guy who was caught in another FML "shitting furiously" in a subway staircase?

  girlieq3  |  0

@111 - so it doesn't get all over?

I've seen this too.. Outside a bar by a girl that couldn't have been more than 20... In a dress, infront of about 100 people in line. Her friend was standing in front of her, but it did nothing!