By disturbed - 17/03/2010 01:34 - United States

Today, I was walking down the street when I heard a loud splashing noise to my right. I looked over only to see a woman not squatting but bending over, spreading her cheeks, peeing a horse-sized amount of pee. I can't un-see this. FML
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I think she could have been fined for this .... ewewwwwwwww .

when you have to pee... you have to pee. why did you stare long enough to notice it was a horse sized pee?


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win for sighting pee? fail for staring at an old lady long enough to notice the stream of piss.. that's just wrong!!

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I stare at old lady's crotches all the time, isn't that normal?

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Not a winn if it was an old lady :P

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Who said she was old?

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well sound like OP didnt lyk it so im guessin she was ugly or old

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wow, so you just stood there and watched?

really? you think a young lady would pee in public? has to be an old lady!!

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She could have been some young crazy homeless person. Most homeless people are mentally ill so it's pluasable.

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And if you read a lot of FMLs you'll see that homeless people fucking pee everywhere!

I swear when I read it I saw it said "old," anyways still you should have scared the shit out of her, then that would have been funny. Should have made a siren noise or faked a cop voice. I remember doing that funniest memory of Christmas xD

Maybe she was just really drunk.

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haha 78 FTW! 

I saw old too #59 why was she spreading her cheeks to pee?

lol at snicks =]

She probably wanted some butt sex with her golden shower. I wonder if she knows the homeless guy who was caught in another FML "shitting furiously" in a subway staircase?

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need a palate cleanser

what teh fuhhh

@111 - so it doesn't get all over? I've seen this too.. Outside a bar by a girl that couldn't have been more than 20... In a dress, infront of about 100 people in line. Her friend was standing in front of her, but it did nothing!

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I would stick my meatstick in her hole

And leave her bleeding inside? LOL

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old people need sex too

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People pay good money for that. Did the OP get pics??

ahahaha. oh that's funny.

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Yeah.....sounds hotttttt ;)

15 W. T. F. H

111 well tell u when ur older

but really. and get all over what?

duude that's like terrifying.. You actually saw a woman pee on the street...

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it's a win because he popped a boner!!!

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hahaha, 15 is win.

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some things are so weird, you cant look away... doesn't make op a freak

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even tho thats disgusting it would still make my day xD

lol read that one too

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@40 my friend has taken a crap in public so it could be a young person

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snickerdoodles is really tiny tim !!

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kinky!!!! your sooo lucky for seeing that sort of voyer. unless she was dead ugly, then nvm.

she sounds like a fatass to me not an old lady.

should have gone over and fucked her

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Número Uno :) that sucks op..

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more like número dos!

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^^^^^^ I'm número uno, gtfo

Was she Horse Sized too?

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3rd nd dudeeee lol go blind haha

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It would still be in his head, with that being one of the last things he ever saw :P Not a good idea

happens in downtown beijing all the time when the communists aren't trying to hide it

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I think she could have been fined for this .... ewewwwwwwww .

just like a furiously shitting hobo?

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that's disgusting

when you have to pee... you have to pee. why did you stare long enough to notice it was a horse sized pee?

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When you have to go, you have to go.

o.o what is wrong with some people!?!