By Anonymous - 03/11/2011 05:18 - Australia

Today, I came home after a short trip. Walking through the door, an overpowering smell indicated that in my rush to leave I'd forgotten to bring the cat litter tray indoors. The place was covered in cat urine. It was as if I'd created a cycling ecosystem of evaporated urine turning into urine rain-clouds. FML
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Urain lol XD

Well that's a pleasant thought.


Well that's a pleasant thought.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Broadcaster: We are expecting some "Urain" this evening OP: God *bleep* Cat: *troll face*

Dakota, a bit of a thumbs up here, if you're DP is of someone (yourself or not) with a Bieber cut, that's not doing any favours for you. Not trying to offend though.

Zeek63 0

I pretty sure cats poop too so I would look around for that as well as pee stains.

That fml was worded perfectly.

tweetypie 18

What's with everyone talking about the stupid "Bieber cut"? Bieber doesn't even have his hair like that anymore and there are people that had that cut before him.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

59- thank u

Urain lol XD

Buttsexpirate 9

Unbelievably Unnatural stench of Unsanitary proportions. Aka Unasty.

leogirl95 12

2- you win.

Oh god. O.o How many bottles of Febreeze would it take to clean up that smell?

I'm guessing, one wont be enough

Over 9000!!!!

imapyro1996 4

Ooooh that smell The smell of it surrounds you

Well that is most defenlty a FML

Llama_Face89 33


LiveLaughFML 10

if you could turn water into wine, than most certainly fix this mess.

Are you kidding?! In heaven, cat urine is known for its delightful scent. It also cures the flu.

KailyKii 11

That Sounds Epic!

Torva_fml 16

Well, I wish you luck in cleaning that shit up!

It's urine....clearly not shit. I guess it loses the effect when you say "good luck cleaning that piss up" :)

Cats also shit, so he will indeed be cleaning that shit up :)

You made an eco system for your cats. Let them be. Embrace the urine. Embrace with love

Nice wording. *gags*

13FTW 9

I think this FML should go down in history as being the best worded one out there.

Anyone else get mental picture from this?

Interesting and also hilarious.

chickenwalrus 14

haha yes, i just love the way this is worded