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  sens3sfailing  |  24

I have always had the dream to grow wings out of my back spontaneously and fly with my new found bird wings...after 18 long years of trying, it hasn't come true...I don't know if this saying really works....


That's a proven scienctific fact that losing one sense, like hearing or sight, enhances your other senses. Synesthesia is the term for when people who can taste or hear colors, see sound, taste words ect.

  Yaen  |  18

Synesthesia is where you involuntarily associate things with colours, personalities, etc. It is a neurological condition resulting in mild hallucination, NOT the ability to taste or feel colours. Yes, loss of sight may enhance your other senses, but to think that blind people can taste colours is just fucking silly.

What planet are you clowns on?

  desireev  |  17

I agree with #2. I think it would be the "geekiest" way possible if OP enjoyed the pain she received from her electronics.
I can see it now...
*SLAM!* "Oooh, I need my hard drive!".

  samsaf1989  |  5

Maybe she has very large droopy boobies that sorta hang down in which case she could have easily trapped her nipple :)
Or she may have just been holding the laptop in a very awkward position ...

  Arch27  |  27

They don't have to be "droopy" for this to happen. My wife has big ones and has accidental pinches all the time. If she's on the couch, one of our dogs jumps up and can get her.


Yeah, using a laptop is hardly geeky at all, let alone the "geekiest" thing you can do. Unless OP was watching Firefly on Netflix before closing his/her laptop to go play Super Mario Bros on his/her original NES

  spazz666  |  18

Oh god... That moment when I realize the things I do without thinking are weird are what other people consider "the geekiest" o_o Welp, I guess I'll just wear extra armor so I don't get hurt LARPing ;D and hey... Firefly is orgasmic... And super Mario bros is great! Although my NES version doesn't have that many maps...

By  perdix  |  29

That's up there, but I'm afraid that getting your dick stuck in the CD/DVD drive would be even a bit geekier -- and a sad commentary about the size of your dick.