By Furry - United Kingdom
Today, I looked outside with a grimace at the very heavy rainfall through which I had to trudge a long way. I waited ten minutes for it to let up, only to find it was getting heavier. So, I started walking anyway. After getting soaked to the bone, I walked through my door, and it stopped. FML
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  Mastyge  |  0

Oh that's such a common reply!
Why do so many people always compare an FML with something worse, and because the situation COULD have been worse, the FML is not bad?

"Well you got robbed, but it could have been worse! He could have beat you and stab you in your neck!"

Duh hur hur hur ??

  newsgit  |  0

This is FML. This site is where you COMPLAIN. People are forgetting this, people post the shit that happens to them in daily life. The assholes to say "don't complain, it could be..." are missing the point of the fucking website.

By  DeJahVu  |  0

I swear everyones a critic. Number three you sound like an Idiot. Hold on, let me emphasize the word IDIOT. Isnt the soul purpose of this FML website to express the unpleasant happenings in your daily life? Let me guess, you would rather have his house flooded n then have him write a post about it huh? Stupid, I swear people get more pathetic n clueless eachday. Common sense in mankind is becoming more rare than gold. As far as the O.P goes, that sucks. FYL.