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  MrLefty  |  8

haha OP must have a nice ass. but FYL for the embarrassment, but also YDI for bending over at the waist instead of squatting with your knees to pick it up.

  Chrisskiies  |  0

OMG I feel so stupid rose lmao
I didn't recognize you haha
my friend is working one of the tix booth so ya I might go, plus I work early Sunday so don't feel like thizzing out all day and night

  OwNowBrownCow  |  0

no, I didn't feel like using lol so I put cotflgoahaha which means crawling on the floor laughing guts out and having a heart attack

I should of used ROTFSTCLMAAOBPO instead

  okieraider71  |  4

Several chicks have pointed out how to pick up something without looking like a slut. I have a mental pic of you bending over- knees straight-and your ass straight up in the air, like a neon sign. DON'T BEHAVE LIKE A HO AND YOU WON'T BE TREATED LIKE A HO!!!

  Kibten  |  0

omg! I would totally dare my friend to do that!! and I would be laughing my ass off!!! but that is not that bad! at least he didn't stick his finger in your butt.

  AndyyAOTF  |  3

Haha yeah 103, OP, everyone he was clearly displaying that he likes you OP he wants you to carry his seed. He shoulda used the line, "How many bones you got in yo body? Lemme add one mo"

  oogyboogy  |  6

ffml you look like a hamster... and a cartoon character... you would look cute without the puffy cheeks and the over editing.