By WorstLifeEver - 25/06/2010 00:45 - United States

Today, I was walking around in the mall when I dropped my purse. When I bent down to pick it up, some guy came up behind me, humped my ass, then ran away laughing. FML
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kidsanchez1 4

I'm sorry I was dared to do it


hahaha this made me laugh lol but yea fyl but if you have a nice butt ydi ;-P

thatguy888 0


kidsanchez1 4

I'm sorry I was dared to do it

I see what you did there.

hahaha that's funny! good one(:

pingpongpickle 8

wear a fanny pack from now on

if op was a guy I would have said "don't drop the soap"

Now if you are a guy that would be insanely depressing for multiple reasons

hehe, fanny pack, that means bum bag right?

so?it was a joke that nobody will know about. not an fml

MrLefty 8

haha OP must have a nice ass. but FYL for the embarrassment, but also YDI for bending over at the waist instead of squatting with your knees to pick it up.

Lmaooo, I did that to a guy once.........

pingpongpickle 8

you're right, there's nothing wrong with fanny packs. my grandma wears them all the time

"Wait come back! I wasn't done!!"

Chrisskiies 0

ahah or lil packs with strings, idk what they're really called butt yeee ima wear mines to edc tomorow if I feel better :/

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

WTF is edc everyone has been tlking bout it

austin95 0


Chrisskiies 0

79 edc= electic daisy carnival other words a massive rave in la going Friday and Saturday :D

Chrisskiies 0

guesswho watch me sneak it in, and my shirts goes off lmao.. are you going?

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

ohh no wonder I was confused. u two live In la

colts609380 7

ydi for dropping the purse..... lol jk. that's nasty (Cleavland voice)

kidsanchez1 4

84 I wouldn't take a fanny pack I would tape my wallets between my thighs right next to your private but not actually touching it

rule 1: don't drop the soap in the shower. rule 2: don't drop the purse in the mall.

Chrisskiies 0

OMG I feel so stupid rose lmao I didn't recognize you haha my friend is working one of the tix booth so ya I might go, plus I work early Sunday so don't feel like thizzing out all day and night

C'mon, it was pretty cute :)

EDC is gunna be so legit

ish is funny but dang really fyl. shudda smak da dude and den laughed at him

pingpongpickle 8

hahah uni, are you choking?

1, that is probably what the guy was thinking. lol

no, I didn't feel like using lol so I put cotflgoahaha which means crawling on the floor laughing guts out and having a heart attack I should of used ROTFSTCLMAAOBPO instead

amerrah 4

This reminds me of Ludacris's song where he says "face down, ass up"

babbycakes101 0

he'll yea Ima be theire 2 edc <3 best rave<3

pingpongpickle 8

oh..alright. I have no idea what that one means either, hah

it means rolling on the floor scaring the cat laughing my ass and other body parts off

pingpongpickle 8

do you make these up??

I guess you could say that it is an over exxageration of lol

I was searching for the longest acronyms and I found these.

pingpongpickle 8


pingpongpickle 8

haaha okay. hey you made it past 2:30. good job :)

I'm about to pass out though. I'm so tired

Hahaha I would have laughed so frickin hard if I saw that.

have a sence of humor op , that's not an fml it's funny ! if that happened to me I'd laugh and go on with my buisness

lololol247 0


Several chicks have pointed out how to pick up something without looking like a slut. I have a mental pic of you bending over- knees straight-and your ass straight up in the air, like a neon sign. DON'T BEHAVE LIKE A HO AND YOU WON'T BE TREATED LIKE A HO!!!

or was the ass too huge LOOLLL

onelove222 0

I've been Rollin Rollin Rollin I ain't slept in weeks<3..... AZ is where the best raves are at ... PLUR :)

Blame_The_Dog 0

well I'm sure he had a logical reason, you're probably a cougar so be happy :)

Well OP, maybe you should learb to bend at the knee not at the waist.. bending at the waist shows you want guys to look at your ass.. so in a sense ydi

something i would probably do...

93 I am bad please spank me.

hey, it's only instinct. you see a girl bent over and you had better get ready, you're going to hump that ass!!!

Haha. Funny... but it's still assault. :/

requiem360 0

you just got sexually assaulted! lolololololol!!!

Can you say... Surprise Butt Secks? xD

NzxtZ06 0

take comfort OP. the only reason he did that is because it's the only way he will ever know what a girls ass feels like against his crotch

59 yeah they're bum bags. Americans call their asses their fannies. fail

Kibten 0

omg! I would totally dare my friend to do that!! and I would be laughing my ass off!!! but that is not that bad! at least he didn't stick his finger in your butt.

BeachPanda 0

phanny packs would definitely work

OliviaNicole 5

Oh my god that's disgusting. The nerve of some people, I hope you're not scarred for life OP. I'd say chase him and kick his gay ass.

The Chinese guy from Hot Rod!!!

66- if you really did that you are aw

103- Alright bend over and I will do it to you. Then we will see how cute it is.( lease say yes, come on please say yes)

175- I love that pic.

at least you know you rant ugly if random guys are doing that!

BallinJ 0

Can we see pics of your ass

tjrocks1294 0

I hate when that happens

Haha yeah 103, OP, everyone he was clearly displaying that he likes you OP he wants you to carry his seed. He shoulda used the line, "How many bones you got in yo body? Lemme add one mo"

DreamingintheSun 0

219 i have never heard an American call an ass a fanny and i've lived here my whole life. we call it an ass.

i guess you should have had more cushion for the push in, fma indeed OP

Why would you pick something up with your butt in the air?! At least try to be a lady...

itsjustme13 0

#1 agreed. but you have to admit that it is kinda funny. =]


What a loser, he can only get action when a chics back is turned!

how old ARE you!?

Sexual assault FTW !

Evafml123 0

haha I would have kicked the guy real hard.

Not f your life, f tbat poor idiots life. He obviously lacks self respect and a good home life.

websphere69 27

no woman should have to be molested like that. . .

pingpongpickle 8


JonathanRawr 0

Surprise Butt Secks!!

Ray William Johnson

I hope you get squirrel AIDS!

FFML_314 11

Why does everyone insist on talking about squirells! Screw the squirells let's stick to the OP here lol!

your honestly the mist boring person I've seen comment on FML ...... fyl!

36- You guys look like it's been seven days since you watched that video from "The Ring".

kaijapapaya 0

that was me...sorry ;)

i would probably do this for a laugh, but not to a stranger!!!

My_Deathbed 0

IKR!!!!!!! the guy was probably mentally retarded :P

smokergirl420 0

I know, I do it to my boyfriend all the time, but I'd never do it to some random person.

delicious sweet lemonade

FFML_314 11

Lol, that is so random! I wouldn't have known whether to have laughed or peed my pants :P

second this....I think it is hilarious!

Yeah I was wondering that too...

oogyboogy 6

ffml you look like a hamster... and a cartoon character... you would look cute without the puffy cheeks and the over editing.

RedPillSucks 31

All this talk of spanking and peeing is getting me kinda hard.

you must have a damn fine ass girl

Asstazztic 8