By scfead - 14/08/2009 22:28 - United States

Today, I was walking home when a man passed me and stopped. Thinking he was staring at my butt, I asked him kindly to stop. He then laughed and grabbed my wallet that was in my back pocket, and ran. He wasn't staring at my butt, and found it funny that I thought he was. FML
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ydi for thinking everyone's staring at your ass (stop flattering yourself and pretending to be annoyed about it)

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bury you??? anyways, OP, how could he have passed you and then stared at your butt? wouldn't that mean he was ahead of you? and if he passed the other way, then how could you have known he stopped? fakity fake fake

I'm thinking what happened is that he walked ahead of her, stopped, waited for her to pass, then she thought he did that to stare at her butt. Honestly, can you guys go through one FML without shouting fake?

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nigga faggots. CCCOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!! posting your ****** ass life to fml is gay. and most of it is shit. so.. **** fml? uh ya. Now this is funny: What's up I'm Doug.. FFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!

YDI for keeping your wallet in your back pocket. Who does that?

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YDI for feeding a cheery to your sickly buttbuddy!

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Yea like absolutly no one has a butt in these days >_>

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@ #48 i think some of this ***** on fml is pretty funny though

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YDI. Sorry, but you could have at least ran for him

How did you know he stopped if he passed you?

You would be dumb enough to let some stranger get close to you, talk to, and then get your wallet stolen. Oh yeah, you majorly deserved that one!

Yes, OP deserves it because she let someone talk to her. Completely!

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you definitely have bigger problems than him not thinking you have a nice butt...helloooo he stole your wallet!!

EXACTLY! is THAT the fml I don't get it so a ****** mugger didn't think u have a nice ass he STOLE UR MONEY! bitch...


Personally, I'd rather have some random guy staring at my ass over some random guy stealing my wallet. Then again, that's just me...

The sad thing, 29, is most girls wouldn't.

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I agree with AAAAHHHH12. I'd much rather have a random creepy guy staring at my butt than a random creepy guy reaching into my butt pocket to steal my wallet. One- I'd feel slightly violated if a random creepy guy reached into my butt pocket and Two- a random creepy guy would have my wallet. I don't put my wallet in my pocket at all. It's too big to easily fit in any of my pockets, front or back, so if I need it I carry a purse (and with a purse you have a little bit more of a reaction time if someone tries to yank it from your shoulder)

he walked past you? er.. wut o.o? howd you let that happen then o_O