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Today, I finally figured out why my 5 year-old daughter washes her hair every day. It's because she doesn't want to have "yucky greasy hair like her mommy." FML
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I thought washing your hair every day was a normal thing.

well at least you are teaching her about hygiene


well at least you are teaching her about hygiene

FHL for having Snape as a mother. 0_o ------ VLOG WIN=

ya at least yr daughter knos better than you

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wow did this honestly get past ******* moderators? WHAT THE **** JUST WASH YOUR HAIR GOD DAM its not that ******* hard jesus christ these thing can easily be solved

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yeah i agree with plexico. honestly, i don't see how this is an FML. maybe the fact that your 5 year old daughter knows more about hygiene than you? idk. how about you just do us all a favor and wash your hair. it won't hurt, i promise.

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#58 and #61 maybe that girl doesn't know what really "yucky greasy" hair is like so she assumes that even slightly greasy or yucky hair is too dirty at least she's being taught to wash her hair even if she is extremely young to do it every day

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@47 - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who totally thought that at first. XD

allmidnighteyes, You're right. I guess it is some kind of dubious honor. You've been doing some funny stuff here, so I'll bet they're coming to get you next, buddy. ;) If I were you, I'd nail down an account under "a11midnighteyes" to prevent your impostor from taking that one.

The fake known as Plexico is banished! :D One to go.

Hahaha, probably. Thank you :] Good idea, plexico

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I thought washing your hair every day was a normal thing.

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yeah same here. If I skip a day, I just feel nastyyy

some races can't wash their hair everyday, otherwise it breaks off. just a thought.

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#88 Thank You! I was about to say that. I'm black and I can only wash my hair once a week. I don't use all those chemicals in my hair though. So I have to rely on the natural oils in my hair, because I don't use hair grease and oil sheen.

I understand that ethnic hair is different, but if she doesn't have ethnic hair (which she most likely doesn't if it's noticibly greasy) that's just disgusting. I NEVER skip a day washing my hair. That's so gross! Who thinks oily-plastered-to-the-side-of-your-face-hair is socially acceptable? Does she not brush her teeth either? Its basic hygeine!

it's actually bad for your hair to wash if everyday in reality you should never wash it with shampoo because it strips it of moisture, and your hair gets greasy to overcompensate if you never used shampoo in the first place, and just washed it with water, you'd never need to use shampoo and you'd save a load of money...

#155 There's this new invention called conditioner that fixes that problem. So, ya know, you can wash your hair properly, with shampoo, and not just water.

The more often you wash your hair the more oil your hair will produce. That's why most people should only wash their hair 2-3 times a week. ( unless of course if you have abnormally oily hair)

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Actually washing your hair and skin everyday usually dries it out. Then you need more products- lotion, conditioner, oils, etc

Some races (like myself) can't wash their hair everyday or else it starts to break and become dry.

I wash my hair everyday because I have a sensitive scalp and it gets really itchy if I don't wash it every day.

gotta love the honesty kids give. now you know you need to wash your hair.

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if she doesn't that's just disgusting

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maybe op is black so she cant.

you're supposed to wash it every day anyways

Washing it every day is actually bad, since it strips your hair of its natural oils and can damage it like that. Every other day or every two days is usually what you do if you have naturally oily hair anyways. I'm backing OperationNicole's post (#11) all the way as well

hey, im indian and i wash my hair every day

I don't think it's a white person thing, I'm fairly white and I never thought of washing my hair every day, and often shower without washing my hair. The only time I did it, was when we were on vacation and went swimming or into the (very, very salty) sea.

Go 12, go go go. My hair looks perfectly fine every two days. ACTUALLY, I discovered (unfortunately) that I can go five days before my hair gets greasy. Of course, there's more to cleanliness than your hair being clean.... so hopefully no more lack of shower for almost a week for me. That was just not pleasant. I hate stupid twats who think it's some great and ultimate sin if you don't wash your hair (or shower) EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE (or MORE... I once had someone tell me that every person should shower twice a day... what). I did a great poll across three sites to take a look at actually what is the most common (it was actually a series of hygienic polls). The results were that every other day was the most common, THEN once every other day, then every three days... .... I remember someone actually voted "less than that" (in response to the "once a week" option). Euugh lol.

i have to wash my hair everyday or else it gets grossly greasy and i start to break out. i use hello hydration so it never really ends up dry

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if you wash your hair everyday and then you skip a day your hair will get really dirty very quickly but if you wash it every 2-3 days your hair will not get dirty so easily . i dont wash my hair everyday because its really long but it looks even better the 2nd day.

I've never understood the whole "let's-not-wash-our-hair-for-weeks-at-a-time-because-it's-better-for-it!!!!" thing. I'd really rather my hair be clean, soft, and good-smelling then have it greasy and "non-stripped of minerals".

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I agree. If you have normal to oily hair, you need to wash it everyday to look clean. If you're not going anywhere one day, you can skip it to give your hair a break, but it will still look greasy.

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Weeks at a time? Please. One to two days is hardly considered a week. Leave your hyperboles at home.

Okay to all those who are saying it is disgusting not to wash your hair everyday, and that your goes greesy if you don't, well that is your own fault, If you had not washed it everyday for many years, then you now would not need to, the more you wash your hair the faster it will be come greesy in the future, If you want your hair to stay young and healthy for years to come, i suggest you stop washing it everyday. In fact i suggest you try and wash it no more than twice a week for a month or two, and you will notice your hair will be getting greesy much more slowly. (please feel free to ignore this advice, is just a little info for those who actually want it, and i am not suggesting that you shouldn't wash more than that btw)

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You know, I think I would be more inclined to take advice about grease from someone who actually knew how to SPELL the word "grease"...

right because spelling has everything to do with washing hair *rolls eyes*

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No, but generally if someone is claiming to be knowledgeable about a subject, I would at least expect them to have enough familiarity with that subject to know how to spell the word.

people type fast, if I'm posting something while I'm on the bus or walking or getting corrected by auto text some stuff isn't spelt correctly... does not mean your less literate or knowledgeable then the rest of them. while I'm here , natural oils are good for your hair if I was my hair everyday I end up with dry brittle hair doesn't mean I'm dirtier then anyone I still bathe, but yes if your hair is greasy wash it more often with hot water dries the hell out of if.

LMAO. You got told by your five yr old...LMAO


Shouldn't she wash her hair everyday anyway?