By Anonymous - 11/04/2009 18:38 - United States

Today, my boyfriend, and best friend, had baked a cake, and wouldnt tell anyone who it was for. When I asked he said I'd know soon. He met me after class to break up with me and offered me the cake to make me feel better. FML
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Why do women (in the comments) act like a guy breaking up with you means he's a douchebag. Nowhere does it say that he was an asshole, or broke up with her to fuck her best friend. All it says is he broke with her and made her a cake to help her feel better. SO WHAT! Would you rather him stayed with her until he was so unhappy that he did resort to fucking her best friend?!

Should have shoved the cake in his face.


Should have shoved the cake in his face.

how thoughtful of him :)

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What an ass.

Should shove it up your ass

what a douche bag...and ur best friend...

Wow, good best friend you got there. sarcasm.

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aww. at least he made you cake. shows that he still cares about you a little :)

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I would have thrown it in his face then said "well... I feel better."

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For good reason most likely.

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wtf everyone!!!! that was a really nice thing of him to do!!!!!

Wow, good best friend you got there sarcasm.

Why do people double post?

Today, I realized, I have no idea, how to, use commas.

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Oh damn. D: You should bake him a large, frosted, ornate cake that says "F*** YOU." on it. And the boyfriend was the best friend guys, not two people.

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Why waste the cake on that? if she really wanted to she could cover a balloon in frosting... or sponges that would be "fuck you" enough.