By Anonymous - 11/04/2009 18:38 - United States

Today, my boyfriend, and best friend, had baked a cake, and wouldnt tell anyone who it was for. When I asked he said I'd know soon. He met me after class to break up with me and offered me the cake to make me feel better. FML
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Why do women (in the comments) act like a guy breaking up with you means he's a douchebag. Nowhere does it say that he was an asshole, or broke up with her to **** her best friend. All it says is he broke with her and made her a cake to help her feel better. SO WHAT! Would you rather him stayed with her until he was so unhappy that he did resort to ******* her best friend?!

Should have shoved the cake in his face.


what a douche bag...and ur best friend...

Wow, good best friend you got there. sarcasm.

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aww. at least he made you cake. shows that he still cares about you a little :)

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I would have thrown it in his face then said "well... I feel better."

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For good reason most likely.

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wtf everyone!!!! that was a really nice thing of him to do!!!!!

Today, I realized, I have no idea, how to, use commas.

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Oh damn. D: You should bake him a large, frosted, ornate cake that says "F*** YOU." on it. And the boyfriend was the best friend guys, not two people.

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Why waste the cake on that? if she really wanted to she could cover a balloon in frosting... or sponges that would be "**** you" enough.