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  Voij  |  16

I have two guesses:
A) They were both completely wasted, which would explain why she falls asleep and why he doesn't notice her being asleep.
B) She fell asleep because she was exhausted/fatigued from something and he is really selfish in bed, which would explain why she's not aroused enough to be able to stay awake and why he didn't care that she fell asleep. [Trust me, unless he's really drunk/high, he will notice that you've fallen asleep. He just won't care to wake you up, though, since he can satisfy himself even while you're asleep.]

  Riku714  |  25

@15. It could have been a mixture of both, sex can actually take so much out of a girl if she squirts, she may have actually passed out from exhaustion without realising it... As for the boyfriend he's just a dick.

  CrazyManNo9  |  29

Trying to figure out why everyone, no anyone, just wants to blame the boyfriend. If she is so uninvolved in sex, she has at least as much responsibility for the problem as he does. Maybe more. If she just lays there and gets fucked, that's what she's going to get out of it.

  TheOrangeProon  |  13

To be fair he might not be entirely to blame. If he didn't even notice her fall asleep it doesn't sound like she was putting in much effort in the first place which could contribute to the sex being unsatisfactory for op.

  Carebeareatu  |  23

Yeah sorry I worded that a bit weird, huh? :3 I just don't see why so many people complain about their partner being bad. if you aren't enjoying it, you can change it yourself by putting in the effort. sounds like op just layed there.

By  NessaMae  |  19

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  your_ma  |  27

If he didn't even notice that she fell asleep she must be a pretty rubbish shag too! She obviously just always lies there. It takes two people to make good sex.

  Mr_Mole  |  24

I have to agree with 21. It takes 2. It wouldn't surprise me if my gf had fallen asleep before. She has an awful habit of laying still and expecting me to do all the work. It gets so boring that I could fall asleep.