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Today, I fell asleep while my boyfriend and I were having sex. What's worse is that he didn't even notice. FML
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Might be time to spice things up in the bedroom, OP!


Might be time to spice things up in the bedroom, OP!

zuixdoll504 4

Damn time for a bc upgrade...

RedX1000FML 11

It might be one of those new dinglehoppers whatever those kids call it these days with their swag yolo swag yolo.

OP. He knew you were snoozing. He just wanted to (and could) finish. This may be less about spice and more about selfishness.......?

Perhaps "booty call"? But she did say boyfriend so I don't know.

yourmurderscenex 13

maybe she is saying she needs a big **** upgrade...?

RedX1000FML 11

#113, You might have a valid point...

#61: "BC" most likely is a typo for "BF."

Guess it's time to add some spice/more fun to your relationship..

Ch_rae5 19

i agree if your falling asleep while doing that.....something needs to change.

Indeed! I would recommend cumin if you want to go in hard, but if you want to gradually build up then I would go with cilantro.

I have two guesses: A) They were both completely wasted, which would explain why she falls asleep and why he doesn't notice her being asleep. B) She fell asleep because she was exhausted/fatigued from something and he is really selfish in bed, which would explain why she's not aroused enough to be able to stay awake and why he didn't care that she fell asleep. [Trust me, unless he's really drunk/high, he will notice that you've fallen asleep. He just won't care to wake you up, though, since he can satisfy himself even while you're asleep.]

@15. It could have been a mixture of both, sex can actually take so much out of a girl if she squirts, she may have actually passed out from exhaustion without realising it... As for the boyfriend he's just a dick.

Trying to figure out why everyone, no anyone, just wants to blame the boyfriend. If she is so uninvolved in sex, she has at least as much responsibility for the problem as he does. Maybe more. If she just lays there and gets ******, that's what she's going to get out of it.

@62, are you saying a girl only gets tired during sex if she squirts? I feel like I'm missing something

jw90 18

@ 80 that's what he's implying but there's more reasons a girl would get tired other than that.

Totally agree with #77. If its about it being boring, I would have stopped it and figured out what the problem is with my partner. YDI in my opinion.

klovemachine 24

Either you had sex for a long while, or you were really sleepy. I hope it was the former :O

Or her boyfriend is that crappy in bed she was bored

To be fair he might not be entirely to blame. If he didn't even notice her fall asleep it doesn't sound like she was putting in much effort in the first place which could contribute to the sex being unsatisfactory for op.

Or he cares more about the sex than he does about her.

Not noticing someone fell asleep usually means they're dead fish even when they're awake. I feel worse for the BF than the OP.

I think you should both try spicing it up. it takes you too, to do the do ;o if its not working take control of it.

I read "to do-do" and thought if that's what they're doing... Probably spicy enough already.

Yeah sorry I worded that a bit weird, huh? :3 I just don't see why so many people complain about their partner being bad. if you aren't enjoying it, you can change it yourself by putting in the effort. sounds like op just layed there.

RedX1000FML 11
starod1337 4

@71 Your comment is bad and you should feel bad

RedX1000FML 11

excuse me does this cloth smell like chloroform?? ._.

RedX1000FML 11

#136 Hmm let me have a gand-- *passes out*

companion 14

Time to try something different and add some spice

BreynHope 11

Not all of his fault, OP. You fell asleep.... during sex. Might be time to try some new things in the bedroom. Good luck!

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If he didn't even notice that she fell asleep she must be a pretty rubbish shag too! She obviously just always lies there. It takes two people to make good sex.

Mr_Mole 24

I have to agree with 21. It takes 2. It wouldn't surprise me if my gf had fallen asleep before. She has an awful habit of laying still and expecting me to do all the work. It gets so boring that I could fall asleep.

I call them a dead ****...they just lay there and do nothing...might as well be asleep...sorry op YDI

21- it takes two to make a thing go riIGHT

@46. maybe you should try having her on top so she gets involved more and does some work

81, then have her fall asleep on top of him...I dont see any good coming from that