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By  Avenging_Angel  |  0

There are too many holes in this FML:
1. you left the door wide open in a public restroom?!
2. The lady did not feel the warmness and squishiness of your body when she sat down??
3. You didn't say "Fucking get off me, bitch?!?"

You are just retarded.


I'm not going to call it fake just yet. I'll take it with a grain of salt, and give you the benefit of doubt.

Especially because I personally have been in one of those unfortunate stalls that have broken locks and a woman who must have came in with her friends opened the door, but was standing there with it open talking to her friend and not entering yet, while I'm sitting there going "EXCUSE ME!" from the toilet and then she finally hears me and goes "OH MY GOD! SORRY!" And closes it.

People are dumbasses sometimes.

  tygerarmy  |  35

Women do not look where they sit.
This is why they bitch about the toilet seat, they don't look and almost fall in. This is why I've seen women sit on many objects, including my friend when she sat on my Mac'n'Cheese. I put it down, opened the door for her, she came in and sat on it.

So I believe it. Woman has to go, opens door with bad lock, turns and undoes pants all in one motion. Doesn't look for tp and sits on the Op.

  Creston  |  0

...Except that in certain places, the locks are *broken*. Meaning you either have to leave it there and hope no one tries to get in the stall, or post someone there as a watchguard.

It is a little unbelievable, but weird things happen, and weird people exist. My principle is to never doubt any FML, it's more fun that way.