Shy pooper

By privatebathroomneeded - 16/12/2014 19:26 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I needed to take a dump at school. As soon as I sat down, somebody else walked in. I'm extremely poop-shy, so I was forced to wait for several minutes while they styled their hair and applied makeup. After they left, I breathed a sigh of relief. Then someone else walked in. FML
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It's been 4 years.

They're clearly not thinking about you at all... Why think so much about them?



how long have you been waiting to make this joke?

mif_fml 27

Holy shit it's a hawk!

It's been 4 years.

tony1891 22

call for mike hawk! there. i finally got that out of my system.

I love it when people use the hand dryers so it blocks out any sounds you might be making

@19 Bet that's how long Op had to wait to take a dump...

That has to suck......

I have a hard time feeling sympathetic for things like this. Like I'm not trying to be heartless but being poop-shy in a bathroom is kind of ridiculous

Especially at a place like school. It's not like a bunch of strangers you'll never see again. And kids can be mean.

Hopefully you eventually got some relief, OP!

Incoming terrible poop puns

They're clearly not thinking about you at all... Why think so much about them?

beyondflight 16

Ya that's one of many reasons public bathrooms suck. Sorry about that OP

trellz17 19

Christ, I'm the same way. That's why I always go to the bathroom no one hardly uses when I'm at work.

mif_fml 27

Personally I let it all out, but I won't exit the stall until no one is in there...

hamrtym 15

I think you missed a "L" in your name.

funny how mif is commenting about toilet probs and her profile is talking about toilets as well.

I'm dying lmao those comments though lol

I hate when that happens to me :/

Know the feeling! Feel bad for u, bro! FYL