By HOe HOe HOe - 02/11/2011 02:36 - United States

Today, I was trying to get my boyfriend in the mood so I held his hands against the bed, and whispered, "Have you been a bad boy?" Thinking he'd say something kinky back, he replied "Yes Santa" then burst out laughing. FML
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hahachun 4

Yes Santa?!! Hahahahaha

No presents for him.


hahachun 4

Yes Santa?!! Hahahahaha

Eskeddit 5

Role-playing as the Kringles is the best!

Seemed like a pretty bland joke to be goin this crazy over...

You know what you should do now. Wear your fake beard and colour his nose red and ride him. Rudolf the red nosed reindeer~

love OP's username.

superjewwwwww 0

Look at the persons name who wrote this fml, lmao

It would've been funny if you said in a Santa Claus accent "well then you need to be spanked, no presents for you."

No, that would not have been funny.

Something tells me he sat on Santas lap one to many times when he was younger!

ducttapewallet 7

Missed opportunities. Tsk, tsk.

hollisterfreak52 1

Someones getting coal!! :p

The_Troller 14

Here's where you're supposed to sit on his lap and ask him what he wants you to give him.

Read ur profile ******* hilarious

Lmao that's classic lol sorry but that was too funny


TheClumsiest 0

LOL. your boyfriend is awesome.


Ha that's cute :)

No presents for him.

I think you supposed to say "I've been a bad girl"

A grammar nazi who is correcting a grammar nazi who is correcting someone who made one mistake. Well... You guys also forgot too add full stops.

That awkward moment when you try to correct someones grammar but you end up using wrong grammar as well

xosportsgirl14x 8

Did any of you bother looking at the name? The person who said "your" was correcting themselves.

Uraharas_Bankai 1

By messing up your grammar and failing to correct... This is a situation where two fails don't make a win.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

Stay in school kids!

I tried to correct my original post after being auto corrected to "you", when I got auto corrected again to "your" instead of "you're" I just really didn't bother. I'm not a grammar nazi but I knw there are a lot on here.

Cant tell if trolling...

stacianichole 2

Proofread before you post. How does autocorrect get blamed? That doesn't actually make sense. Autocorrect doesn't correct your incorrect use of forms of words.

36, he wasn't correcting a grammar nazi he was correcting the guy trying to correct himself.

lauralavenderbab 0

No sex

Awww come on OP it was pretty funny.

OPs from Hawaii ;D

deathpotato 11

Thank you for telling us, 108. That is very useful information.

evilteddybear 0

Wow didnt know tht..

Haha love the pic xD

blink182AAR 6

This isn't really an FML... Atleast he has a sense of humor?

He's makin a list, checkin it twice. Tryin to find out who's naughty or nice. Santa clause is coming to a bed near you.

Santa Claus is cumming....and going to town!!

why does Santa have a big sack?..... because he only comes once a year!

emodude44 0

Santa Clause is cumming IN YOU

62, what a horrifyingly bad joke. Sorry.

I found it quite assuming lol.

StopDropNRoll 11


Oh whatever :/ btw 62 it's too late 4 u go to bed

Link5794 18

Shit! I accidentally thumbed up 67's comment!

Congrats! Your man has a sense of humor.

you can both unload your sack now

xShannonxSammyx 7

Maybe he's hot for Santa?

Who doesn't get turned on by a fat, old, seedy man?!

lmfao_shame 9


33- theres a way of speaking in a jokingly manner called sarcasm

I think 33 was joking... Wait that means... :-0

RawrNom 0

lmfao! well, next time he wants you to do it, dress up as Santa with fat suit and all and shake your body! show him what It means to be bad ;) lmao.