By selfishsexysanta - 24/12/2012 18:06 - United States

Today, I gave my husband an early Christmas present: Santa-themed lingerie. He got angry and called me selfish, for "using" him as an excuse to get myself nice stuff. FML
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Well I won't call lingerie a present, its more like gift wrapping paper. hehe

He's an angry elf!


ncsteven10101010 11

Well ba-humbug!

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Obviously he wants you to be more generous and share that gift with the world, so best start looking for others to appreciate that gift now

I didn't know OP wanted Ncsteven to be more generous! This changes everything!

I'm thinking that he might be jealous of your lingerie, you need to get him a matching pair, then you can have sexy santa fun!

If your sex life is already good, it's not the nicest gift. If you did that AND something actually for him, it's nice, but if your only gift is something he shouldn't be telling his family about, meh.

She did say “an early gift” implying it wasn’t the only nor the most important gift she had for him.

He's an angry elf!

hes probably just angry about how short the elf in his pants is.

KingCeltic77 18

Christmas is a season of giving. If you know what I mean.

He'll eventually realise what an awesome gift it is ;)

And receiving ;)

giving what Red? a foot up their ass?

Personally I loved it when my girlfriend at the time bought that kind of stuff.

He obviously doesn't get what you mean.

Noone appreciates Santa panties, I would have loved that gift.

garrett8614 2

Well you are a girl..

#4 Just ruined my Christmas dinner thinking about a you who looks like a troll in lingerie gross btw nice tucan Sam/bird beak nose

Who happens to be into it works either way

Mortoli 30

Everyone wins

How dare you buy yourself nice things! Shame on you!

Well if you bought it with your own money he doesn't get a word. Also santa themed lingerie is hot

Well I won't call lingerie a present, its more like gift wrapping paper. hehe

Cash rules everything around me

RvidxrKlvn 8


Get the money, dolla dolla bill y'all

Well maybe they have a tight budget and didn't have the extra cash for that. If its Christmas themed then how often would you wear it? Perhaps she asked for it before and he said no but she used Christmas as an excuse to get it? Without more information its really easy to call him a grumpy fun ruiner. When perhaps she is selfish.

Dude budget or no budget, it's christmas gift wrapping paper on a lady!! Come on

I mean christmas lingerie, sorry got distracted.

I get it. Guys think its sexy as hell. . . Well most apparently. I'm just saying something in the guys defense since everybody here is jumping on him when they don't know the whole story.

Yes but you also don't know that. So I'm pretty sure we're all gonna take her word over your assumption. Besides I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have gotten it if money was really THAT tight. I mean that's just common sense. I mean if my girl came up to me wearing lingerie especially Santa themed around the holidays. Id be all over her. It's simple appreciation. And a gift for the eyes and when the lights go off.

Greedy you, buying stuff to make you more sexually appealing for him.