By stitchesupmyass - 01/11/2011 21:50 - United States

Today, I got my period. Last week, I fell out of a window and landed between my legs on a bush; I have massive swelling down there, and stitches over the ripped flesh. Now I'm bleeding out my period on top of the lingering wounds down there. It hurts even to pee, let alone menstruate. FML
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probley tryin to sneak out or something and got clumsy, ive done it but my window is really close to the ground so i didnt get hurt(:

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Awww, I pictured everything she said. Grosses FML I've seen in awhile.

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Could go to the movies. Change your dressings & tampons there in one go. Apparently, all the cool kids are doing it.

Ever heard of an accident, #1? Did you think you would ever get likes by stating fyl or ydi on the first comment, even if you don't consider other possibilities?

Defenestration's a fun word, but it sucks when it actually happens... get better soon, OP! :)

sweetbabysweet93 10

Unlike you, I don't need "likes" on my comments.

True but I've had worse try having sex and being sore then falling put the window to go have sex start your period while having sex -___-

Defenestration is getting thrown out of a window, not falling out of one.

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No, but I have tried that with a wolf. Now that was a fun weekend in the hospital

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You guys should never own cats....

You guys should invest in allstate. They protect you from mayhem

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It's people like you that give DocBastard a never ending list of crazy stories from the trauma center.

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its people like you who ride docbastards junk. Get a life

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The Internet contains some pretty weird and disgusting stuff. This is of them. Life would be much better had I not known this. FML.

I'm far too much of visual person for this kind of FML TMI! *crosses legs*

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I read the last word as "**********" and was seriously questioning your priorities. But that sounds awful, fyl

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I did the same thing. it deff makes more sense as menatrate

Nah I think it makes more sense as menstruate.

menatrate: a term for when a woman is sexually penetrated by multiple male partners

Lol. I did also. "getch yo head outa gutta!". Peace.