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Today, I thought it would be cute to put on a Santa hat and ask my crush what he wanted for Christmas. He said "A girlfriend." I took off my Santa hat and yelled "Ta-da!" He added, "An ATTRACTIVE girlfriend." FML
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If he cares more about looks than personality, he isn't worth it, OP. Find someone who will find you beautiful no matter what.


Maybe he thought you weren't serious. That was really cute though.

Tell him you'd like a boyfriend, one that's not an ASSHOLE.

#58 I'm 95% sure that her boyfriend was joking and messing around with her.

#98: That's not the point. The point is, he is still an asshole.

Is he an asshole or is she just not attractive to him. Not everyone is attractive and she may not be. That doesn't make him an ass.

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Everyone is beautiful in their own way, some times it's not with physical features, but their personality features make up for it...

exactly #115 , just by her doing something so cute just shows she's a fun person!

If he cares more about looks than personality, he isn't worth it, OP. Find someone who will find you beautiful no matter what.

It depends. I can be fine with anyone as long as they're healthy, but unhealthy people are a big turn off for me.

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16: Is that your elegant way of saying "no fat chicks?"

Thing is if a guy is ugly then he shouldn't get a date. But for a girl to be ugly, a guy is an asshole if he dumps her.

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@25 I think he means he's ok with anyone unless their weight causes health risks. It's not just fat people who have health problems. Skinny people can be unhealthy as well because of poor eating habits or eating disorders. Not being overweight doesn't automatically make you healthy.

What about OP? She probably has a crush on this guy just for his looks. She's just as shallow.

Wax off that gets the hairs roots and over time it comes back in less and lighter. Problem solved.

#35 I would agree. The only thing about attractiveness, is that both sexes have to have some type of attractiveness to meet. If you don't like the way they look, how are you going to find out about the inside? The looks are just the first step.

Yes, you should care more about personality, but you can't say that looks don't matter. Personality matters a lot to me, but I wouldn't date someone soley personality based

Attraction is an important part of a relationship. I know plenty of girls that seem perfect for me when I think about it logically, who were also very attractive, but when I went on dates with them it just fell flat. Then there's other girls that maybe weren't as attractive, but for some reason I'm drawn to them more so than I was to the really hot girl I dated last week who shared more interests with me. Attraction is hard to quantify, and it's more than just "good" looks and "good" personality. It's compatibility. We don't get to choose who we like. We don't get to choose who we are attracted to. Don't blame the guy for something beyond his control. But in all seriousness, for OP, FYL. That sucks. Let go and move on. You'll find someone.

You are sexist and really, pretty rude and superficial

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Well Santa atleast knows he's on the naughty list now. Maybe he'll bring him an attractive naughty girl.

Have the straight white boys already migrated to this site?

um no, he'd be lucky to get coal if he's on the naughty list.

It seems the straight white boys have already migrated to this site

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he is obviously not worthy to be your crush. there is someone better out there for you :)

That was cute. I'm sorry. They didn't seem like the best person ever :/

That sounded pretty positive to me . :)

allow him then, no point crying over it.

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If it makes you feel better that was smooth as hell, good job OP.

It was pretty clever that she did it. If I had a girl do that, even if I wasn't interested in her, I'd end up giving them a chance just for that.

So awesome she had the balls to do that. Too bad he's a dick.

You're a dick if you're not interested in someone who is interested in you? I don't understand the logic of 90% of the posters on this site. A bunch of sympathizers hoping for "thumbs up" This isn't even reddit guys. The points have even less meaning here.

He's a dick because of the way he communicated his non-interest, not because of the non-interest itself

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This has the possibility to be the cutest thing ever and it ended up being an FYL... That's crappy, sorry OP.

What an ass. I'm sure any guy would be lucky to be with you. All he'll be getting is a lump of coal