By ugadawgs09 - 02/11/2011 04:32 - United States

Today, while I was having sex with my girlfriend, I heard a notification on my iPhone. I thought nothing of it until we were done, and then I checked it out. My mom had posted on my Facebook, telling me that if I didn't keep it down, she was going to come up to my room. FML
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jackii1313 9

Try keeping the noise level down next time? At least you weren't rude to your girlfriend and checked your phone.

Now all your friends know too. Well, time to unfriend mom.


jackii1313 9

Try keeping the noise level down next time? At least you weren't rude to your girlfriend and checked your phone.

nonelikeworms 0

Why were you having sex with your mom at home?

DKParth13 5

Am I the only that have parents stalk my profile ?

LiveLaughFML 10

doesn't matter. you still had sex and your mom never came up. =)

Is it an FML because your mom posted it on Facebook or because you got caught?

21, I think it's both. Both are equally embarrassing

If you're a big boy and can have sex, then you're big enough to get your own place!

11- watch your wording. Some may believe that OP was having sex with his mother.

Ummm maybe they were visiting his parents for holidays or something... And if he's an adult and wants to have sex who cares ... It's obvious his parents have sex people need to relax on the sex while parents are home it's not that big of a deal of they are of age

Darjdayton 0

He wasn't having sex with his mother retard.

hollisterfreak52 1

Haha this comment has 69 likes(:

Notjustanother1 0

don't most guys brag about getting laid when they are young I'm assuming young because you live with mother .... or did you keep going hoping your mom would come n join ?

Now all your friends know too. Well, time to unfriend mom.

Why would you have sex with family home? If they didn't hear you then she would probably end up walking into your room

I have sex with my family home. It's just that 1) they never leave the house on the right moment and 2) I can't affort an own home yet. Same story with my boyfriend. It's not that I like it, but I prefer a private, comfortable and warm room instead of a cold, wet spot in a public place.

I hate it when I can't affort things either.

I agree with DJP on this matter it's just sex if you are of age then what's the big deal? Parents have sex too when their children are home geez

remz89 3

Here's the difference, THEY OWN THE HOUSE....

raney150 0

So you have to own a house to have sex? Nonsense!

Torva_fml 16

**** twice as hard and loud next time, you'll really show her! ;)

Yeah show her when she goes up there to yell at them and sees them boning. Its a great show btw.

lolitroll_fml 0

This is why i didnt friend my mom...

FYLDeep 25

Because you make too much noise having sex while she's home? That seems like a really specific reason.

leadman1989 15

So she did let you finish? I wonder how she kept up all that screaming with a dislocated jaw?

RedPillSucks 31

"Kept up all that screaming"? He wasn't having sex with his mom, and it clearly said he didn't check the message until they were done. Are you telling me that 1. You would stop having sex to go confront your mom. 2. You would violently attack your mom because she "interrupted" you having sex in "her" house?

leadman1989 15

Is this what people thought I meant??? WTF people? No it was a reference to another FML... the one where the girlfriend dislocated her jaw giving a BJ. I think you're clever enough to figure out the rest for yourselves. -_- But then again maybe not.

Torva_fml 16

Lead, gotta reference somewhat recent comments, or at least popular ones... People tend to forget dumb fmls.

leadman1989 15

This WAS recent lol... but I get what you're saying.

Well at least she didn't feel the need to barge in your room right?

That's what fathers have been doing lately.

The_Troller 14

Can't you use a question mark (?)?

Actually, "can't you" is the same as saying "can you not". It makes perfect sense.