By LiquorChick - 20/01/2012 08:23 - United States

Today, I was transporting liquor between stores for work. A car pulled out and cut me off, causing me to slam on my brakes. My car stopped. The 200 dollars-worth of booze did not. FML
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I read this in bruce from family guy's voice! Lol

It must have been awful to clean everything afterwards...

Aren't you supposed to secure packages when driving or is it just me? Especially GLASS BOTTLES that are worth a couple hundred.

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OH YEAH! says the KoolAid man

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Where I live, an open bottle in the car results in a citation. 200 dollars worth for liquor?? Get ready for a flood of citations OP.

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Seatbelts aren't just for people

I think the word "booze" is fun to say. Boooooze. Booze booze booze booze booze.

Next time call Jason Statham, he will transport it for you.

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Newton's first law of motion.

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39 - no he won't get a citations but he will get a nice bill

They wouldn't get citations for $200 dollars worth of unopened booze that they were moving for work. They are just going to get stuck with a bill for it all breaking.

cool ^^ including the glass shards you reckon? that'd be amazing, surviving it o.O

Just the $200 worth of booze. She didn't tell us about the other $1500 she's keeping for herself:)

You wasted it when it could have been wasting me!!!! ;(

Alcohol is poison. See this as a favor, OP.

He wasn't planning on drinking it all. He was just doing his job.

Um, I think transporting it is his job. I could be wrong, just the way he said it....

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Batterys are poison. See this as a favor Batteryaddict.

I love alcohol. I hope it wasn't vodka! :(

Eh, most things are "poison" if consumed without moderation. Get a grip and self control, mkay

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Until acted upon by an outside force

Read the law of relativity inertia is useless in some cases so are all of newtons laws and the speed of time

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I'm Sir Isaac Newton and I approve this comment.

#117 that's complex lol, it's called Newton's second law, an object In motion wants to stay in motion

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Good luck explaining that one to your boss.

"someone cut me off while I was delivering that alcohol, I had to brake cause the alcohol to gain motion and shatter the bottles in my vehicle. I'm sorry I couldn't help it." Don't think anyone would need luck with that, mate.

You lose the alcohol right when you actually need it smh.

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You should have thrown it the other driver

Yes scoop up all the glass shards with your bare hands, then find a random car that would be long gone. Good plan -_-

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How bout you just read the FML and u comment If I want about the FML and stop hatin on other people's comments. It was a joke. U sir really need to get job or social life instead of criticizing other people's comments.oh yea and -_- u madd?

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106, if you're going to throw insults when attempting to defend yourself, at least try to sound mildly intelligent while you do it.

Wait what? Just because alcohol can be used as a disinfectant doesn't mean it's hygienic to throw some on your car.. Or am I missing something here?