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Today, I tried to keep a drunk girl from driving by holding her keys, but she had a spare set in her purse. She hit me with her car when I was walking home. FML
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good on you for trying to keep her off the road. i hope this was reported to the police.

You called the police right? She committed at least 3 serious crimes by doing that. DUI, public intoxication (depending on state laws), and assault with a deadly weapon (also depending on state laws). She at least needs to be aware of how serious this is.


good on you for trying to keep her off the road. i hope this was reported to the police.

Did OP know the "drunk girl"? Or is he just a random key-snatcher? Because, it doesn't sound like he knows her or helped her get home at all.. He just took her keys and left.. And he got hit.. At least, he can hand the keys into police and they can identify the chick he stole 'em off.. So, OP and drunk chick, both get in trouble.. XD

bartenders hold keys of drunk people it is actually required. OP may be a bartender

He took her keys so she wouldn't drive drunk, and drive it himself maybe. Turns out she had an extra set. He walked home because he's not stupid enough to get in the car with a drunk driver. I have no idea how this was unclear and OP became a bartender. LOL!

Damn it, I so misread. I thought the guy was the boyfriend. This is what I get for fighting sleep.

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I was just thinking that. How does this really help her? Wouldn't it have been better if he just drove her home? Taking someone's keys isn't the solution... It just pisses them off.

good job for like stopping her, but then at least drive her home, or put her is a cab?

Moron #1. Because friends let you drive home drunk. He was trying to do some good for someone, but he got screwed over. But that's how the world works for you right, someone does something nice for you and you end up screwing that person over. Good job pal.

Moron #13. While you're thinking, think of some other possible situations too. Maybe the girl lived far away that he couldn't walk home. Think of that one? At least the OP tried to stop the girl from driving home drunk, I hope your friends don't do the same for you because apparently to you; it's not helpful.

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"So you were going to walk home with her keys and not give them back?" Uh, that's the POINT of taking someone's keys away. They don't get them back until they're, you know, SOBER. Like, duh.

@ 13 Taking their keys is the solution, how on earth would it not be?! It was her own damn fault for not planning on where she was staying or how to get home. He did the right thing, he doesn't deserve this in any way possible. ****, so many ignorant people.

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actually hopefully she killed herself. It would teach the bitch a lesson.

Kaaz you and #1 said the exact same thing moron. you are just a miserable dick who thinks he knows everything and likes to prove people wrong to make yourself feel better about yourself. but in this case you ****** up when you misread #1's post and made yourself sound like an arrogant, stupid, and probably ugly ass hole. and yes i do realize that i am that same miserable dick who likes proving people wrong

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man, do I ever disagree. If he was walking home, seems like he was not up to par for driving either. Good job OP for at least trying to do the right thing. FYL for getting screwed anyways.

Maybe he was drunk too and couldn't drive either, that's why he couldn't drive her home. Anyway, there are no excuses for drunk driving. And for hitting a pedestrian too!

She's supposed to come back when she's sober and get the keys dumbass.

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Holy crap. How did you make it out of that one?

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wow. i feel bad for you. idk, shit happens? you'll get your good karma soon. :] bahahahahha and that girl will get her bad karma of a ****** terrible hangover + guilt for hitting you. so no worries. good story.

Could everyone just stop talking about karma all the freaking time? You're not even part of an eastern religion, people are just talking about karma because others do. It's starting to get really annoying that EVERY SINGLE fml is following by 'bla bla bla karma' comments. You don't even know what karma means.

I agree. Most of the people talking about Karma have no idea how it actually works. My dad says it all the time, and he got the basic ideas from My Name Is Earl, which, in the show, the girl says that's not how Karma actually works. It would be better to say 'what goes around, comes around', because that's much more accurate, because I believe Karma affects you in your NEXT life, not your current one.

OH MY GAWD. I KNOW, RIGHT. I'm so annoyed as well by these people who talk about karma, but don't know what it is completely. I remember that one even posted like... "Because we all have watched My Name is Earl." ~____~ Even though it's retarded they keep talking about karma, it seems hard to stop them. Just like the people who post "first". Oh well, anybody is free to post what they want, anyway. :/

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wow, butthurt much? bahahahahahh. FYL for getting so affected by a comment on a site that's tagline is, "My life sucks but I don't give a ****."

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Not to mention she uses that stupid ass laugh 'bahaha' as the wannabe scene kids do. I wonder if there's anything she can do on her own?

Right...because NOBODY actually pronounces it as "bahahaha" and types it the way they pronounce it, right? ******' retard.

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How about instead of complaining how annoying it is that people don't use karma appropriately how about. Just think about it how about you actually teach people about the true meaning? You aren't any smarter than the person using it wrong if you are just gonna call them dumb and walk away

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why not drive her home then walk home?

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#7 he probably lives too far away from her to walk or maybe take a bus and #5 she may not remember hitting him x3 he should definitely sue her and i don't understand how it could possibly end up with her winning unless his life is really f'd

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Maybe the OP was drunk, too?

THANK YOU! if it was a party then most likely he was drunk as well only smart enough to know what t do when a drunk person wants to drive, im surprised it took this long for someone to come up with that solution.

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maybe they had both been drinking.... people also tend to walk instead of drive when they don't bring a car with them

Well, on the bright side of things, now you can press charges and get something out of all this trouble.

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lol, i would to BITCH STOLE MY KEYS.

Lol, of course we have asinine people like you. Good job for treating the people who care about you like shit. You deserve whatever is coming to you.

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You know, I would ask why you didn't just get into her car and drive off with it, but you'd get in trouble for theft. I still think you should've done that though

So being chucked in prison for theft ISNT worse than letting a stranger about their own business? You help a stranger if that means you don't get ass raped by surrounding prison mates yourself

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No, they don't. The girl would get her keys back eventually, just not in time to drive home drunk.