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Today, on a train, I nearly choked while sleeping with my mouth wide open. The little old lady sitting opposite me was entertaining herself by throwing little pieces of balled-up tin foil into my mouth. FML

By Anonyme / Thursday 24 April 2014 06:57 / France - Aix-en-provence
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By  Victormoon  |  14

Haha man I suck OP

By  colton_colton  |  49

Well throw then right back!

By  LCPLStewie  |  23

Honestly I would of busted up laughing after figuring out a grandma was the one doing it... better a small ball of foil then a sharpie tattoo on your forehead any ways!

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

Why would something that you could suffocate on be better than something that you could wash off? I'd rather have sharpie that I can was off, than pieces of foil down my throat.

  LCPLStewie  |  23

Practiced in first aid you can dislodge foreign objects in your own throat. A small obviously a little "out there" old lady is trying to tease you and people think it's the worst thing ever. Sorry a penis drawn over my forehead in comparison to choking on a gum wrapper is a little worse... maybe because I have to worry about my appearance in both my jobs I think one over the other, but still.... and sharpie doesn't exactly just wash off

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

But not everyone is practiced in first aid. Plus, you have no idea where the foil has been and what it's touched. Personally, I'd rather have sharpie that I can wash off, than foreign objects thrown down my throat, but that's just a personal preference. We'll just have to agree to disagree. It does take effort to wash it off, but it eventually does come off. I've found that it comes off relatively easy with hand sanitizer.

  grunt_fml  |  17

Apart from choking... There is a thing called "bolus death".

Hitting or punching certain areas of the human body can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. The effect is a fast and sometimes even massive drop of blood pressure and heart rate. It is the same reason why people can actually die by jumping into too cold water without preparation. Young or healthy people usually get over this very fast - usually the sympathetic nervous system kicks in fast and brings your body back to normal.

But there are medical conditions, the Guillain–Barré syndrome for example, that keep the sympathetic system from kicking in. Your pharynx and your voicebox contain many nerves and some of them are trigger points for said effect and something throwed into a persons mouth can activate those trigger points, especially when this person sleeps with his/her head leaned backwards. And if now this person suffers from one of the medical conditions mentioned before, he/her can actually die from circulatory collapse.

And yes, a piece of balled-up tinfoil could actually have that effect. So no, this is not funny, it is just an example of being incredibly disrespectful toward your fellow men and proof that cute old ladies can behave like total assholes. Honestly, if this would happen to me things would get nasty.

  LCPLStewie  |  23

Dear Jesus tits! I'm saying that TO ME this was funny and not a big deal... OBVIOUSLY to some people it is more of a problem then to others. I've done stupid shit with my friends/fellow marines just like this so I didn't think it was a huge problem SORRY for voicing an opinion. And go fuck your self Kevlar burrito, I'm a reservist I'm only 1/2 jar head lol

  LCPLStewie  |  23

Oh wow, sorry for speaking my opinion on the internet! already had this conversation with some one prior, and your 3 paragraph report is pretty much unneeded.