By Earths_Venus - 19/11/2009 22:31 - Australia

Today, I was driving to my new home with a lot of my belongings in the car. I could hear things shifting in the back. When I parked, I opened the door, ready to catch my vodka. I caught it - and watched my laptop slide out of the car, onto the concrete, and break into 3 pieces. FML
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Well, at least you saved the vodka, because now you can go drink away the pain.

laptop case. buy it. use it. love it.


laptop case. buy it. use it. love it.

Wow. The was one severe run-on sentence.

Actually, since there are periods, those are fragments. Remember kids, "you booze, you loose!"

I don't know about Australia, but in Whitby you can't have alcohol within reach of the driver. So I kind of have to keep it in the back.

how the frick does a laptop break into 3 pieces when it falls less than half a metre from the car?

and i dont think the OP chose the vodka over the laptop, the vodka was just what she saw falling so she caught it and wasnt able to get the laptop

Actually, they edited it after I posted my comment. Thanks, though.

just lands on the right angle and your ****** :D

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how does trying to catch his vodka make him an alcoholic? I would expect the vodka to fall out a lot sooner than the computer, since the bottle is likely round. i might not even expect the laptop to fall unless he stopped on a slope.

I accidentally liked this and now I want to shoot myself.

Well, at least you saved the vodka, because now you can go drink away the pain.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Of course, gotta have your priorities :P

At least you still have your vodka so you can drink your troubles away

Why would you be concerned first and foremost with your booze? Vodka is easy to replace..a laptop, not so much.

I'm so sorry :( When my laptop(s) broke I was all sad and crying for a long time :'( You'll be ok X(

Wow, ever heard of laptop cases, backups, and laptops that don't break into pieces from a 3 foot fall?

why do I not feel one bit sorry for you???

So your alcohol is more important than your computer. You need to call AA asap.

perdix 29

Actually, she should call Absolut or Grey Goose and tell them about the commercial they need to make about her. She could be like the Jared of vodka.

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I kinda assumed that the vodka was just the first thing to slide out, and that she just didn't have time to reach for the laptop. I'm sure she WOULD have rather the vodka break, but its just not the way it ended up!

I'm too confused to feel YDI or if YLIF....