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Today, my doctor told me I had "abnormally large breasts." This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't a 20 year old man. FML
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It's okay. Some girl was dreaming about having a penis a while ago.

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The OP could have gynecomastia which is the growth of abnormally large breasts in males. It is due to the excess growth of breast tissue, not excess fat tissue. My friend had it when he was younger due to anabolic steroid abuse and had to get them reduced.


It's okay. Some girl was dreaming about having a penis a while ago.

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1- hahah man FML is getting more messed up every day.

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Freeze, I don't know why you insist on telling everyone my business!

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Two wrongs don't make a right. Three lefts do. With that said, it is absolutely heinous for a 20 year old man to have large boobs, regardless of whether or not some other chick wants a dick. Now tell the OP he needs to work on his mangina and he will be set.

Dude, OP has a large chest because of a medical condition. It happens to a lot of guys. Sexual variation in humans is way more wide-ranging than people think, and you're usually born with it, it's not some kind of moral failing.

Did you explain to him that you're in the middle of your sex change?

You're part way to being a woman, FINISH THINGS UP!

hey comment moderators you just moderated one of my comments because I informed the op that this was not an fml. **** you for turning fml into a place where no one can comment or express their thoughts without fear of being moderated or banned. your ruining fml so go ahead and moderate this. fyl for being so power hungry

No one cares about your moderated comment.

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They're ruining FML? No, they are keeping the idiots off of this site. If it weren't for them, there would be no site. Why don't you click on, "our rules" and read it before you press send? Don't get all heated at the moderators just because you can't follow the rules. If people weren't allowed to express themselves on here, there would be no comments. Idiot. Edit: Your comment wasn't even moderated you moron.

too funny Freeze; I was thinking the same!

lol 27 I hope they don't moderate your comments to show what a **** up you are.

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lol 60 win * salutes to freeze as well* owned my a doctor man that's sad

someday those moobs will help you, believe it or not.

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How does Freezes ass taste guys?

today I went to the doctor who told me I have an unusialy large penis.... I am a 20 yr old female that would be an fml

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Well...look on the bright side OP, you just saved money on breast implants! :D It's time for you to go bra shopping! Don't forget to buy a sports bra so that your big boobs dont jiggle when you go jogging.

maybe u should go ahead n go through the whole gender transformation process :p

i don't know but I'm guessing he'd need a major push up bra

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Probably very big....sorry to say.

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Lmao just think about how much money us girls pay get a chest like that :p

yeah...what girl doesn't want her own pair of giant, flobby moobs. Or man for that matter!

Op you need to go to the moobie theatre and get some popcorn so you can relax. Tit's no big deal, just excercise! Unless you have a medical contition then your life is ****** til it's fixed.

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Wow, um, wow. You're an idiot, your brain can't even process simple words other than 'wow'.

126 doubt that you in pic but whoreeeeeeeeeeeeee