By sosad - 09/03/2011 22:08

Today, I was told that I will never be able to have children. Thankfully for my husband, his girlfriend sure can. FML
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Leave his ass. They say divorce is hardest on the kids anyway.

he wasn't ready for kids anyways if he couldn't be bothered to commit to his wife. an irresponsible father is practically useless


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Leave his ass. They say divorce is hardest on the kids anyway.

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^ very true! still sucks, OP. FYL

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should have slapped him seriously!!

u only resolve stuff by slappingright?

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21, you're just a failure at life....

Well, I'm sorry you can't have biological children.. especially with that douche bag. There is always adoption. Or you may opt for the whole becoming a catlady thing. o.O

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I love your pix wish I had more pix of my soldier especially now since he's been deployed

have you noticed your two comments both have pix of nice happy kids. oh the irony

Thanks! He's been deployed for almost two yrs now, so it's one of the few pic I have of us over the past couple years. I'll keep your husband and family in my prayers. Why is it ironic? Because we have children and she can't? I said I'm sorry she can't have her own children. I was told I wouldn't be able to either. Yet we have two now. Maybe it was God's way of not putting her through the pain of having kids with a shithole. I hope once she finds a great man she can have her own kids.

(God does not exist.) Don't give her hope. I know, there are people who were told in the past that they couldn't become pregant, and have kids nowadays, but the chance that OP is one of them is small. Very small. Even if she find her Prince Charming, she will most likely never be able to have her own kids.

Wow, way to be a dick 48. I don't believe in god either but it's still rude as hell to tell someone that. And btw, saying god doesn't exist is just as ignorant as saying he does exist. There's no proof that either is true

Sorry 50 but all there is is proof of God not existing... And nice happy kids? In all honesty the kid in the first picture looks like he is plotting something evil :) Reminds me of the way stewie looks sometimes :P

Djeepee, arguing with you would be like arguing with a with a stick. No point. To each his own. You're definitely ignorant for downing ones beliefs though. I may be Christian, but I'm open to others beliefs.. which obviously your not. I do believe there is a God, and if OP does too, way to kick her in the ovaries even more. As for the evil plotting of our son, yes.. it is quite possible as he is a product of his daddy and mommy. Yet, he is an extremely happy little boy.

60 Wrong FML? Maybe? And 58 I bet he is, it's just the way he's looking in that picture haha.

And also 58 I don't know about you but I tend to win arguments when they involve sticks...We usually have very intelligent arguments as well. (/sarcasm)

OP can't have children, her husband has cheated on her and made another girl pregnant, OP is probably going for a divorce and through a very hard time...I highly doubt she cares about my comment. So no, I don't kick her in the ovaries. God or no God, your comment was simply a little bit...stupid. "Hey OP, the doctors said I couldn't have children, but look, they were wrong! God helped me, He will help you too! You'll become pregnant in no time with your next, decent husband!" No...just no. (And God still does not exist. Logical thinking and history lessons can proof that to you.)

God may not exist in your belief(Which includes scientific evidence) and he also doesn't in mine. It's called faith. People can believe whatever they want, and since they respect your should respect theirs...

Also Djeepee you are the kind of person that makes us atheists(assuming you are atheist) look like an ignorant and arrogant group of people, and that we have no sensitivity and don't care about anyone except ourselves.

Pff, I respect people, not their belief. If someone told me that he/she believes the earth is flat, I will still respect him/her as a human being, but I won't respect the belief. A flat earth is just a little bit more ridiculous than an organised religion that's already 2000 years old. Imagine that people would still believe in the science/geography/astronomy of 2000 years ago... I'm not atheïstic. I am an atheïstic agnost, who strongly believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Well she, nor anyone here believes the earth is flat... And why don't you respect their beliefs? Is the fact that your belief isn't the only one out there so overwhelming you just dismiss it and scorn anyone who believes otherwise? She isn't here preaching scripture to you why are you doing the equivalent to her?

Believing the earth is flat is as stupid as believing in God/Jahweh/Allah/Wodan/Osiris/Zeus/Jupiter/Holy tree/Holy cow....etc. I don't respect obvious made-up organised religions, I just don't. And I wonder what would happen if anyone here claimed that 'Osiris has chosen to make OP infertile because of her bad husband, and that OP can have children with her next one'...I guess many people would react on it, calling it bullshit, thumbing it down...but now the word 'Osiris' is changed by a similar one, 'God', and then everybody must respect that? No. Osiris did not exist, God not does exist, simple as that. I don't respect the catholic Chuch, but I respect all the people. Nothing wrong with that. But now, I'm going to shut, because this discussion is leading us too far.

Fine then...don't respect it...Maybe just keep it to yourself?

"proof that to you".... if you are going to argue proof make sure you use the correct form of the word. You may rely on science djeepee, but others use faith. I know SEVERAL women in my home town who were told they could never have children or any more children (in fact my mother is one of these women, I am a miracle baby as are 2 of my other siblings), who have relied on their faith that God would put a child in their life if it was meant to be, and have had it happen.

he wasn't ready for kids anyways if he couldn't be bothered to commit to his wife. an irresponsible father is practically useless

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You mean he IS useless, right? The "practically" part doesn't even fit into his category of the husband. I am sorry to hear that OP, but there are much better men out there, and your husband is obviously not a man, but a worthless scumbag of a person.

Jeez that sucks. Divorce him and find a nice guy that's ok with adoption!

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steal his girlfriend's ovaries then divorce him.

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adoption hell or you could spend the rest of your life with someone whe just wants to save up money and have fun. sure you may not be able to have kids but maybe you can make your life to suite your situation. and hell once you have all the money you wanty saved up maybe you can still adobt

having children us not always about how much they cost. it's about so much mire than that. saving money is not going stop the void OP feels in her heart to have kids.