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Today, I told my 3 year old daughter to behave or I'd spank her. She looked right at me and said "Bring it." FML
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Awesome name #1 You kid is a badass OP. But as much of a badass she might be.... she's 3 an you're an adult... so did you bring it?

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hahah how ****'n cute is that=]. she told u alright

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I can't see the FML-situation here? 3year olds are testing all limits, so yes.. if she wants to find out the hard way if you meant it or not, let her.. or him, the child that is..

that girl is gng to be a bitch pretty soon

Kids just say the craziest things. haha my friends son walked into the game room at walmart, turned and looked at him, with his hand open, and said "gimme money dad" :)

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Oh my god XD Favorited! Hahahahaahha

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Shouldve said "oh its already been brung" and slap the shit out of her self-righteous ass. let the wrath of 1000 angry gods rain fury on her without mercy. NO SURVIVORS.

haha nice one, hope my daughter won't say that :p

haha nice one, hope my daughter won't say that :p

Show her what you've got, OP. If nothing, bring Daddy into the situation.

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Imagine what she'll say to you ten years from now.. hehe :)

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That's when you don't wait for them to mess up, you take action immediately and spank her, then time out... OP I didn't always like my parents, but I grew up with respect for them knowing when I mess up there's punishments for it... good luck OP

You must have been watching some film with her, where she got it from.

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did you bring it at least? lol seriously though, you better take care of her attitude now while she is young. she's gonna be even worse as she gets older.

u should slap her and than say bitch you better recognise.

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Hahahaha, I agree with #240. It's Definetly an epic fail.

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Kids these days. You'd be better off punishing her by taking away the tv and forcing her to play ouside for an hour each day.

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184 that's not respect, it's fear

well the cheek, ud wanta redden her b4 it's to hard ta handle

omg, that's true. haha.... yah! now I'm no longer of being a mother in the future. I tell u, it's not only my nieces and nephews that have "lip". Even my dog has attitude. Lol

OP do not bother with anything anyone said that replied to one if they were not commenting on one. Everyone above this comment just craves attention so really they have problems and do not matter. "Everybody knows the only people who need crave attention as much as first comment replyers is 16 year old girls and Harley Riders."

i so loled at this. Op u got pwned by a three year old!!

something unpredictably ignorant that his following of nearly illiterate fans would just love

guys she's a little girl grow up and stop calling her a bitch so shes got guts

I concur with 158 I don't like space eddie but iron maiden is beast

haha love it<3 little kids say the cutest things but idk kinda smart ass

Wow, this kid has potential. I'll buy it off you for 50 gold pieces.

50 gold pieces that's a lot of money these days LOL or was yrs BK when gold was 900 bucks an oz

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Fail, man u just dgafed on "put" to be first huh?

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u werent first i was:)hahahah and i think u meant

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I'm also pretty sure it's put her in her place, not on.

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haha not really 3 but good try

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Several of you fail at using proper grammar. Go back to school and learn proper English before you consider breeding, please.

You should've looked that snivelly little brat in the eyes and said, "It's on." and proceeding to "bring it" like it's never been brought before. That's what real parents who aren't afraid to be parents do.

slap tha bitch! ( in the bum kid couse) :D

Kids are getting more and more gutsy as parents continue to lose authority and spine.

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couldn't have said it better myself

over agreed agreetacular! agreeing spree! agreetrocity

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so you assume op is gutless, and didn't bring it? also heard of kids say the darndest things? I'm sure some of you at a young age didn't say something smart

Fuhohoho....I think you've made your point, Z. And PYLrulz, if OP had to make this an FML, I am going to actually assume they did nothing to adjust their little darling's attitude.

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maybe the fml is that they did indeed brought it, but a little too much

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Or maybe the FML is the fact that the OP has a toddler who talks smack?

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Why are you guys guessing what the FML is? We can all read. :P

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Ari, not everyone can. Some people guess and are lucky. lol

A toddler talking smack is not an FML. Unless you don't dare to do anything about it.

I think you've hit the nail on the head when it comes to parenting nowadays, Sparkey. Not saying that about all parents, though, so don't hate!

I really do hope some of the people commenting are joking, and realize the difference between a spanking and an actual 'beating'. There is a difference. It's part of a parents job to restrain themselves.To have a controlled temper. To learn WHEN and to learn when to stop. The reason people are so down on spanking is because parents, I admit, do take it way to far sometimes. Or the word 'abuse' is too quickly thrown into the mix. Time-outs are a perfectly acceptable form of punishment, but, a quick swat on the behind wont kill them either. A quick swat never filled me with killing rage or a feelings of violence or hatred. For being a 'spanked' child, I'm actually quite a nice and polite person and was considered an overachiever in school. My parents received many compliments on my attitude. I do not at ALL, see myself as an abuse victim. Half the time, I can't even remember all the spankings, let alone cry out 'abuse' over them. I've seen the no-spanking parenting method, and it worked great on one, and was useless on another. I've seen the spanking method - same results. Regardless of which method you use, most kids will grow-up and do whatever they want to do anyway. Really, we have no right to judge other parents parenting styles so harshly. When really, it's all just over a little swat on the behind. -Sorry for the LONG LONG LONG rant.-

i agree and if you hit them, it's "child abuse" but as RayWilliamJohnson says it " if they deserve the ass whoopin it aint child abuse" i no so many kids at my school that need to be hit by thier parents.

I was spanked as a kid many times, and I'm perfectly fine and love my parents. the wprd child abuse is thrown around too much these days.

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haha smart ass...that's awesome