By Anonymous - 04/11/2013 11:39

Today, I was telling my friends a story. I added a few "embellishments" to make it more intense. One my friends piped up with, "I was with you, half of what you just said wasn't true". It's now all over Facebook and I'm known as "The Bullshitter". FML
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Why would you lie?! Especially around someone that was with you??


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"It's pants on fire Patrick" "Like you would know...liar."

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Hey, give him back his rectangles.

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How do we know if this FML is even true then? :o

I don't care, I don't care. I'll buy another pair

Why would you lie?! Especially around someone that was with you??

I have a sister that does that all the time. I gave up arguing with her about it because she actually believes her embellishments.

They're actually called compulsive liars. They tend to have difficulty when dealing with and processing reality so they twist and manipulate it, add or remove parts that did or didn't happen. It's a real problem that can be managed and eventually cured with the right therapy.

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Are you dumb? They just told you why.

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Lying is bad. People remember lies for a long time.

i had a friend who did that. He couldnt admit that anything was a lie, but one time came close and said he was 'stretching the truth'.

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With me and my friends when one of us adds in a little extra the others just go along with it.

There's a difference between joking around, exaggerating something because its funny, and lying to try to make something seem more interesting or impressive. There's also a difference depending whether your friends know you're embellishing for effect, or whether you're actually trying to make them believe what you're saying is totally true. It sounds to me like OP was probably doing the latter on both counts, which is not okay.

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Not so. Look at Sir David Attenborough, he admits to using embellishments early in his career to get audiences intrigued and hooked on what he was reporting on/narrating.

It's sucks that your friend called you out but it's your fault for trying to lie.

Damn OP, "embellishments"? You're lying about lying ydi.

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You decided to embellish even though you were with someone who was also there? Bad idea OP

That's what you get for claiming you fought hostile aliens and that you're the sole hero of the known universe.

The friend was just mad that OP said they did it single-handedly. Poor partner.

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Hey, I'm a hero of the ninja world. That's no lie.

#111 what if they say they're ninjas, so you wouldn't believe them, but in reality they're speaking the truth?

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Not for anything, but how did you not realize your friend who was there was listening too? You deserved it for being oblivious.

The friend is a dick for not having any dramatic flair or sense of humor. A true friend would wait until they were alone then comment about the embellishments, not hang OP in front of everyone so OP could be ridiculed for trying to spice up a story.

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Idk, I have friends who like to embellish. It was fine at first, but every story makes them look like a saint while the rest of us tend to look like idiots in his stories. He told one just the other day about asking a friend of mine out. He made her sound like a rude ***** when all she did was politely turn him down. We were in a group of about 10 or 15 people, just chilling. I got sick of it and went off on him. He got upset and left. I hope he has learned his lesson. But really, Op might have a bad habit of doing it all the time. Once or twice is fine, but constantly... you have to learn your lesson somehow.

You can't spice up a story by painting someone in a bad light, talking yourself up is never ok while belittling another. You and your circle of friends obviously knew the guy embellished things continuously and so had learned to take everything he said with a pinch of salt. Was the girl who he was telling the story about there? If she wasn't, then that's probably why he felt confident in telling the story in the first place. How many other people in the group were also friends with the girl and know how she would've behaved, contradictory to his tale? Seems like he wanted to portray the victim & get sympathy/pity from people. However, because you're friends with the girl, had heard what had originally occurred already & knew what the creep was doing, you stood up for the truth and other friend. You probably only spoke what others were thinking...

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I think this might be the case with Op. I don't call my friends out on their "embellishments" if they are harmless. For the most part, making a story more intense makes it interesting. Unless I know they are lying to hurt someone else or make themselves seem innocent of some crime, there is no problem saying "this crazy woman almost hit me with her car" instead of "this woman didnt see me when I was crossing the street." Op needs to stop lying about things to make them seem more interesting.