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Today, at work, I had to explain to my co-manager at work what a period was, after he refused to let an employee go change her tampon. Afterwards, he panicked, saying he thought women made that up so they didn't have to have sex, before trying to send her to the hospital and fainting. We're 24. FML
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I'm just speechless. How is this possible for a grown-up man in his twenties?


Just wow to #32 and #47... The sad part though is her coworker will still probably reproduce, and most likely be surprised that babies aren't just found...

Where the hell is this going? It went from 'Wow, just wow..' to a completely off topic. Well, I guess that's what FML is all about.

oops. I meant stork. thanks for the corrections. lol >.

My idiot ex-husband looked at me all shocked once when I mentioned something about being pregnant and exclaimed "you were pregnant?!" So I replied "WTF, are you serious? I just had an abortion last year" and he goes "yeah, but you were pregnant?!" *sigh* this fool is twice my age with a daughter only a couple of years younger than me. Ignorance is truly a sin and a shame...

Feel kinda bad for him.. not as much as the girl on her period though :(

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Don't feel bad for him. He should atleast know SOMETHING about periods, other than the fact they end sentences.

Where was this guy during biology classes?

I'm pretty sure they don't teach you that in biology....maybe you're thinking of health?

Periods are classed in biology. It is explained when the subject of birth is being discussed.

It probably depends on your country and school which class it's taught in. Don't assume people are wrong on stuff like this. It makes you sound stupid and that you believe the entire world works the way it has for you.

#157 all the schools I've been to, the topic of periods and birthing are all in a health class. My biology class consisted of human and plant cells and the earth. Not once did we discuss birthing and periods :/

#157 I learned about menstruation and reproduction in Biology, and nothing about the physical process of sex (and nothing at all about periods) in high school Health. Although I went to an all-girl middle school so we learned about periods there of course

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it depends on your school. we were taught about periods in my health classes (actually I was taught by my mother when mine first came...we didnt discuss periods in school until late middle school).

184 I misread the first time and thought you said you learned about menstruation but not periods in biology, was going to say but... But... That is what a period is

167 is right guys, at my school they did go over the subject, but boys never heard a word of it. We were separated by gender for the whole unit. Girls at my school also didn't learn about the guy's side of it either unless they opted to take the more detailed class in high school. At which point, many conservative parents signed the waiver excusing their child from SexEd altogether. (Believe it or not, this was even in California, where widespread SexEd has massive support.)

I'm just speechless. How is this possible for a grown-up man in his twenties?

3, I'm only 5 years older than OP's co-manager. These are my guesses to make it possible: He has always fainted due to blood, his parents didn't let him watch and learn about puberty with his classmates growing up, he's been told scary stories regarding women's periods, or all of the above. I feel badly for OP, for having to explain it to him. I feel even worse for the lady who was denied a tampon change.

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Or he was home schooled. No sex ed class and his parents didn't teach that stuff.

We learned about it on health, not sex ed. Sex ed required parents permission. I guess they didn't want us to be 24 and not know about it if our parents said no to sex ed. Sex Ed went into greater detail on the subject though.

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Yeah I'm gonna go with this guess

The dude has never seen a tampon commercial or passed them in the store and wondered what they're for?

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because he's a man.. that's how it's possible :p.

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Clouds, obviously they are for nosebleeds.

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Nobody else said he did, either. God, where do people learn to read?

hey 173 is right he doesnt work in a store so obviously he has never been in a store, ever. common sense people.

He may need to go back to 7th grade or under I learned from tv at the age of 12, I didn't flip sh*t

You can cuss here. shit **** damn ass. See?

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my phone likes to auto sensor me.. if I cuss it tries so hard to auto correct it to stars.. don't have the slightest idea why.

#129 My boyfriends phone does then when he uses speech to text and it is so amusing.

I had to learn with my whole class in the 4th grade. We were so traumatized...

Didn't he learn this in school? Around the age of 9/10?

Maybe he was homeschooled. If that is the case his mother or father may have talked to him about sex just not the sexual reproductive reprocess. Maybe, he is super religious and is saving himself for the woman he marries. Maybe he's wait to hear about stuff like that from the one he loves. Or maybe he's just an idiot.

I learned about it when I was 7. Which is good as I needed to know about it two years later.

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Good God #73! You got your period at 9!!!???

81, I got mine at that age too. It's not common, but it does happen.

Same. My mom yelled at me and thought I was making up my stomach pains. I was freaked out cuz they were still in the process of teaching us that crap. Not pleasant :/

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Aunt Flow visited when I was 11. However, my cousin had her period at 8. Other people in our family have had them as early as 7 or as later as 14.

15 here! It's kinda horrible to hit puberty after a bunch of girls in your year have already had kids, makes you wonder if there's something wrong with you

What is this Pu-ba-ty, you so highly speak of?

Nope, a LOT of schools do NOT teach sex ed. I wasn't ever taught about periods, and I had several female friends call an ambulance with their first one. It's actually REALLY common...

I had my first period on April 1st when I was 11. My mom thought it was an April fools joke.

My school never taught any of this stuff. "Sex ed" (if you could call it that) was only taught in 7th and 8th grade, at which point most girls had gotten their periods already. Not that it mattered, because they never talked about puberty, or sex. So what did we learn? I don't know either.

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There's IS something wrong with you if you're wanting to play catch up with a bunch of 15 year old mothers..

Pretty sure he's just an inferior creature

I moderated this! Such an idiotic co manager...

A piece of unsolicited advice: saying that you moderated the FML will usually get you thumbed down no matter how good the rest of the comment might be.

Can you imagine how much life would suck if we had to go to the hosipital every time we had our period? By the way you might want to send your boss a helpful link made for 9 year olds who are first getting the talk.

Actually, I know a girl who has such painful periods that she sometimes has to go to the hospital. Obviously, she's just an exception and that guy's a dumbass.

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I faint whenever I have mine, along with a lot of pain. It's a horrible day when my period comes along.

63 how are your iron & folate levels? the same thing used to happen to me before my doc said I should take vitamin supplements. I used to crave red meat and eat rare porterhouse steaks everyday for a week.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

63. same here! I just lie in bed all day and try to not pass out. It has gotten better since Ive gotten older.. I still remember the first time I got my."gift" and passed out on the bathroom floor. mood swings are a bitch too!

What an idiot we have many other ways to get out of having sex than to lie about being on period I guess he skipped the sex education class in school.

Saying 'I'm not in the mood' isn't easy enough for you? You shouldn't need 'ways to get out of sex', you make it sound like a chore lol

Sometimes it IS a chore... I guess I'm just lazy.

With that individual, it might well be. If he doesn't know enough about the female reproductive system to understand what periods are, what do you think his odds are of finding the ********?

RedPillSucks 31

Finding??? I doubt he knows enough to even look for it.

If you have a selfish partner who makes you do all the work it could easily seem like a chore.

#83, the ******** is obviously a myth, just like periods are.... :D

Can you legally tell employees they cant go to the bathroom!? That is ridiculous!!

If you work retail, yes. Cashiers are routinely denied bathroom breaks if there are lines at the registers and floor or sales employees can't go anywhere if their department is busy.

and you can always just go, last time I checked there was no one forcing a cashier to stay at the register

unless they did the job just for fun.

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#67 I'm sure that'd go over well just walking off. You coukd technically walk off the job any time you like too doesn't mean you won't lose your job for it. As a cashier myself I can tell you getting bathroom breaks is nearly impossible. My work states we can take a bathroom break any time we like but the store has to be empty and we have to sign off our register lock up the store since usually we are working alone. Do You know how hard it is to get a busy store empty?! I can't very well walk away from the register and just go with people in the store, half our stuff would be gone when I came back, and do you think telling people they need to wait literally 60 seconds goes over very well with them? hell no, you get screaming raging customers who then go complain to corporate that I made them wait.

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I work at Subway and my manager recently posted in the back how bathroom breaks are a privilege and how he doesn't have to legally give us bathroom breaks or meal breaks. He also cited his sources to emphasis his point

#158 It depends on how long your shifts are, if you work five hours or more he is legally required to give you a fifteen minute break and if you are under the age of 18, a half hour meal break as well. Look up the labor laws in your area, you may be able to show him where he is wrong.

#136 as you can tell I have never worked retail or food service for that matter. I feel bad for all of you who have to put up with such crap.

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I work in a station that kind of resembles a gas station... all by myself. Im not allowed to leave the place unless Im searching for a manager. even then I have to get someone else to find the manager for me so I can go back to my station to handle customers. It can be annoying to make sure you get your breaks when youre supposed to!

You mean two words,one letter, three periods, a question mark, and an exclamation point.