By Embarassed - 24/08/2011 02:44 - United Kingdom

Today, at a party I bumped into a friend of my ex. We caught the same bus home. He started telling me about my ex's "totally insane" ex-girlfriend. He refused to believe me when I told him he was talking about me. I had to sit there for half an hour as my personality was ripped to shreds. FML
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At least you don't give off an immediate vibe of douchey-ness if he didn't even know it was you.


I'd just like to point out that because he didn't automatically assume it was you, that your personality isn't actually that bad!

" yea his ex was a ******* psycho!" "umm, I'm that '******* psycho'"

Sounds like you found your soulmate OP Should've asked him out, and then one day your ex will reveal to him that he's dating that pyscho bitch

Did he mention how you faked orgasms?!

She did say something, he didn't believe her.

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Maybe when he meant fuking insane he meant as in hot, some guys do that

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Huh, I don't get it... Why's this fml? I thought it was common knowledge that ALL women are totally and irrefutably mad...

At least you don't give off an immediate vibe of douchey-ness if he didn't even know it was you.

bizarre_ftw 21

Or the bf gave a completely exaggerated description of her

Sounds like she gives off a "You'll learn to be frightened of me" vibe.....very slowly

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Work on your personality maybe you wouldnt be his ex

Wow that's just a tad judgmental, don't you think?? You have no idea what the circumstances of their breakup were.

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Can't tell if troll or just stupid

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Talk about having a bad memory..

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Sounds like he was doing play by play of your love life... Wish I was there

Psh, it'd be like NASCAR "And he pulls it out and... wow! Look at him stick in there. He really knows what he's doing! And it looks like he's pulling it out once again, what will happen next!?"

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SOTY I don't need the detail of your love life. Especially a NASCAR reference but it's nice to know you only can make left hand turns, your condoms are sponsored by coke and hit the wall