By pizzagurl - 09/05/2009 04:43 - United States

Today, while working at a pizza shop near a college campus, I got an order to deliver to the dorms. Extremely busy at work and annoyed that someone wouldn't take 3 minutes to walk over, I spat on the pizza. When I arrived to the dorm, a woman in a wheelchair opened the door. FML
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What is your problem? You don't do that, no matter who ordered the pizza. Jerk.

zach055 23

This is not an FML, this is just you being an azshole


u should have just pretended to accidentally drop the pizza on the ground and get a ******* new one... instead of watching her take the pizza from ur f'ing hands... ass hole

Today, I ordered a pizza because I was feeling hungry. Seeing as how I've been in a wheelchair since a crippling accident years ago, I arranged for it to be delivered to my dorm. As I was eating it, I read an FML about someone spitting into a pizza as he was delivering it to a lady in a wheelchair. FML.

**** your life? **** her life! You're an asshole.

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she was in a WHEELCHAIR! u shd hav gotten her new pizza! UR SUCH AN A-HOLE FOR THIS! sorry #6

You... Never mind. I would just like to point out that #6 is joking.. Couldn't you tell?

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I would never wish harm on anyone, but... karma's a bitch, dude, and if you lose your legs in a freakish pizza-delivery-boy accident in a few weeks, I hope you'll post that FML here too.

REMEMBER: what goes around, comes around!

Wow douche. Even if it wasn't a crippled person.. it's your freaking part of your job description to deliver. If you can't even do that, find a new job.